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Entrepreneurs, Keep That Awesome ‘Idea’ Safe.




Ideas they say change the world and almost everyone gets an idea from time to time. It’s one of the true hallmarks of a true leader and entrepreneur. It’s therefore very disturbing that many people deprive themselves of the joy of seeing tiny thought seeds grow into a business, product or achievement but would rather grab some other peoples ideas and deploy them.

This reality scares entrepreneurs into holding on to their ideas or the core of it. Which results in lack-lusture and verbose presentations,  little or no trust for staff and a reluctance to reach out to potential investors or companies who could actually turn their business stories around and more.  Although it’s a good thing to be careful, the anxiety pangs which gnaw at us (entrepreneurs) regarding this situation barely even surface most times.

Instead of entertaining fear, learn how to use this to your benefit. It’s common practice now to see companies who encourage innovation and submission of awesome ideas from external developers, inventors and providers because it helps them lower research, development and staffing costs (all activities that ordinarily woud require more funds on a corporation-level). Most right-thinking companies would not even consider stealing ideas because of the associated demerits like litigation, negative PR and decline in future quality staffing.

It’s the real world and I won’t pretend that there are no companies out there who though they wouldn’t outrightly steal your idea might try to improve on it, change a name or two before giving you the boot. With this in view you could file for intellectual property rights that prevent this

It’s time to protect yourself and ideas with some of these suggestions which have worked both on personal and corporate levels

Product/Idea Creation Process Knowledge- Your idea and product most definitely has a method to it’s production which you could learn by going online or going to production plants. This would tell you how and where to source the individual components that form your product.  This would enable you know the details you can freely provide when presenting to future investors, companies or discussions to have with partners who have been properly and legally engaged.

Conduct a Conclusive Product Research- Dig into the library archives, go online, subscribe to journals or simply outsource this activity to a research firm. Learn how other similar products before yours worked. With this new-found knowledge-bank, you should discover the uniqueness of your product or idea and know the level of information to either include or give away during pitches or presentations without negatively affecting your chances.

Learn and Learn- Book for industry tradeshows, fairs or workshops to stay updated on what is trending. Afterall, this should help you notice when some familiar-sounding product drips off the lips of some company who you’ve presented your products to in the recent past.

Choose Wisely- Do a background check on company antecedents before you jump into a business relationship with them. Ask the business friend that has been trusted to tell all entrepreneurs the whole truth “Google”. It will boot up information on litigations, previous partnerships and more. This will inform your next steps.

Be Reasonable and Realistic- We often see creators who over-value their products or ideas when in talks with potential investors. The fact that they are even talking with you means that they see value and would be willing to exchange money for what you have. An over-ambitious demand on the other hand would achieve the reverse because a company that has been given an idea which they are passionate about but can’t have most naturally would try to see if they could add that value themselves or get some other people who could do it for less (with some changes of course). Though this isn’t necessarily the honest option, it might still be good to remember that companies are afterall run by real live “humans.

 Stay Ahead of the Curve- In applying for provisional patents, try to take your own idea from within by imagining how an external company trying to plagiarise your work would approach it.

Go out there and open up the possibilities of letting your idea or product add value to us all without the attached fear of having it stolen. Fear and entrepreneurship are linked in a weird kind of way. So let that fear fuel your decisions to get the right information and then apply it correctly.

Have a great and productive day

Written by Temple Obike .

Twitter: @swampsage

Facebook: De Swamp Formula

Linkedin: Digital Content Africa


Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies For Small Businesses In Nigeria



With the fresh burst of small businesses in Nigeria, it is worthy of not to discover those agencies that are best suited to bring your campaign to life for the best price too while still maintaining the desired quality.

This bouquet involves online adverts, SEO, website designs, native advertising, social media advertising, email advertising to mention just a few. This 2019, here are some digital marketing agencies you need to be looking at in no particular order of relevance.


1. Brand Envoy Africa (Digital Marketing Agency).

Brand Envoy Africa is a digital marketing and brand management agency. They offer services such as marketing consultation, digital marketing, product activation events, social media management services, placing adverts on newspapers, website design and email marketing services. BE aids businesses in reaching more customers and increase sales using digital, traditional and social media channels.

Services offered by this digital agency include; Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Email campaigns, Website Design, Print/newspaper Advert Placement, Product Activation Events, Social Media Handle Management and Product Design.

2. De Swamp Formula (Creative Agency)

De Swamp Formula is a full-suite African marketing and interactive agency that also handle digital briefs.
They were founded in 2009 and their creativity has helped many small businesses position themselves to compete with sector big-wigs. One thing that stands out with this company is their style of communication which could be narrowed to down to great copywriting skills.

They have worked with a lot of emerging businesses across Africa as well as helped a lot of big brands achieve more market share. They have cross sector experience which is obvious in the range of companies they have worked with.

Their core services are Creative Marketing Communication, Out-Of-Home Advertising, Website Designing,  Building Platforms for Governmental Organisations and Creative Designs.


3. Anakle (Marketing Agency)

Anakle is a digital agency, building experiences for online and offline audiences. Services offered by Anakle include Digital Marketing, Social Media, Digital Strategy, Web/Mobile App Development & UX Design.

The team at Anakle specializes in developing strategy and executes campaigns for clients and agencies. The technology team has executed application development and user experience optimization projects for top brands across Africa.


4. CKDigital (Creative Agency).

CKDigital is a digital creative agency on a mission to help businesses succeed through exceptional digital services, focused on results.

CKDigital is made up of a team of professionals passionate about what they do with a culture of excellence. CKDigital works with brands of different sizes – multinationals, SMEs, and start-ups.

5. Cregital (Creative Agency)

Creative Digital Agency based in Lagos Nigeria. Cregital helps brands and businesses make digital and smart impressions.

Cregital reduces the bureaucracy found at traditional agencies by working closely with clients to understand their business objectives and help them grow within their budget.

6. Dodo (Design Agency)

DODO is a creative agency that helps businesses stand out in the market. Through human-centered processes, this design agency helps brands build unique experiences for customers.

Services offered by DODO includes – Brand Strategy and Identity Design, Print and Packaging Design, Website Design (UX and UI Design), Customer Experience Design, Digital Marketing, Customer Research, and Data Visualization.

7. Ellae Creative (Creative Agency)

Ellae is an energetic and talented creative agency based in Lagos, Nigeria. The agency blends intelligent creativity with a sincere collaborative approach, consistently delivering powerful results through brand, communication, creative and other digital channels for clients.

At the heart of Ellae is a team of creative and strategic professionals, all sharing in the same creative passion, philosophy, and firm belief in the power of great ideas.

8. Amplify (Marketing Agency)

Amplify is a digital agency that is bridging that gap between Marketing and Technology by creating solutions that help businesses fully reach their targeted audience.

The team at Amplify is made up of digital marketers, technology enthusiasts, designers, social community managers and innovative and creative change-makers using technology to create more memorable digital experiences for brands across the African continent.

9. Bytesize (Marketing Agency)

Bytesize is a full-service digital communications agency in Nigeria that combines consumer research, creativity, and insight to transform your business.

The digital marketing agency is specialised in delivering precise strategic thinking and digital marketing direction that can turn your rapidly concept from vision to reality.

10. Wild Fusion (Marketing Agency)

Wild Fusion is the leading digital marketing agency in Nigeria. It is the first certified partner of Google Adwords in Nigeria and has its offices based in several places in Africa, including Accra, Lagos, and Nairobi.

They are dedicated to offering a wide array of marketing services which include Brand Strategy, Media Services, Content Production, Social Media Marketing, PPC Advertising, Digital Marketing Strategy, Mobile Marketing, Creative Development, Web Analytics, SEO, Customer insights and Training.


that getting an agency that could deliver on that brief with apt concentration is a tough task because agencies who have a bigger, more prominent clientelle base will usually handle jobs for little clients with a little less more concentration and attention to detail (not always the case though).


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Aliexpress Unite Deals With Kenyans.



Kenya’s mobile operating firm Safaricom, has secured a deal with China’s largest e-commerce company.

The deal will enable Kenyan shoppers to buy goods on the site, run by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, using Kenya’s M-Pesa mobile payment service for online shopping.

“This obviously then opens up a lot more opportunity because today customers on this platforms are limited by, you must have a credit card to be able to pay.


M-Pesa was launched in 2007 to offer Kenyans without bank accounts a network to transfer cash via mobile phones. It now offers a range of payment services, loans and savings to more than 21 million people in the country.

Now we will actually be able to, you will now be actually able to pay for the product or service that you are buying using M-Pesa, and you pay for it in Kenya shillings currency,” said Sylvia Mulinge, Safaricom’s Chief Customer Officer.



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