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11 Of The Greatest Cities For Living Abroad In 2016



Sunset over the amazing Park Guell in Barcelona, stunning park designed by Antonio Gaudi. Benches with the Trencadis Tecnique. That's one of the most visited and famous attractions in the Spanish city.

As summer fun cools down and fall routines heat up, it’s about the time of year when true wanderlust sets in. No longer are we looking for the next quick island escape: We want to live, work and thrive in cities that can support our careers as well as our insatiable travel bug.

In short, we want to move abroad. And we’re in luck, because plenty of recent reports on the topic herald many fabulous cities to choose from.

The lineup below includes some of our favorite cities primed to be cheap for expats this year coupled with information from three major recent studies: HSBC’s annualExpat Explorer survey, for which nearly 27,000 respondents rate countries largely on the ease of balancing career with family life; Eurostat’s Urban Europe report, which meshes statistics with polls about quality of life; and the InterNations Expat Insider survey, which focuses on ease of settling in and making friends.

Taken together, these resources make one eye-catching wish list for our next global hometown. Take a look, take your pick, and pack your bags!

  • 1 Valencia, Spain
    Photographer of the world via Getty Images

    According to the Urban Europe report, this coastal city is currently experiencing a bump in tourism that tips its hand as a charming place to be. You’ll find cheap rent, great food and glorious beaches here, too.

  • 2 Toronto, Canada
    Banko Photographic Ltd. / Design Pics via Getty Images

    Toronto earned high marks for its quality of life in not just one but two global surveys this month. Come here if you’re looking to escape crowds and live among friendly neighbors from diverse backgrounds.

  • 3 Antwerp, Belgium
    Holger Leue via Getty Images

    You’ll fall fast and hard for this quaint city that, according to the Urban Europe report, is gaining traction as an “alternative destination.” If fashion, art and a bustling university scene are considered “alternative,” then we’re quite alright to call this home.

  • 4 Taipei, Taiwan
    nicholashan via Getty Images

    Taiwan dominated the InterNations rankings because of its friendly residents and a lucrative economy for finding jobs and saving money. Street markets, cosmopolitan vibes and great food make Taipei the place to be.

  • 5 Sydney, Australia
    Spaces Images via Getty Images

    Who wouldn’t want to live this close to some of the most iconic surf spots on Earth? In fact, 59 percent of expats in Sydney report they’re more active than they were in their old hometowns, according the Expat Explorer survey.

  • 6 Santiago, Chile
    John W Banagan via Getty Images

    It isn’t often that a South American city graces a conversation about the best places to move abroad. But we’ll give Santiago kudos any day for its low cost of living and treasure trove of artsy neighborhoods to explore.

  • 7 Vienna, Austria
    Sylvain Sonnet via Getty Images

    High scores for transportation, health and wellbeing brought Austria to the top of InterNations’ rankings as a country. More specifically, the capital city of Vienna is known for being extremely livable.

  • 8 Singapore
    kanuman via Getty Images

    To what should be nobody’s surprise, Singapore topped the Expat Explorer ranking for the second year in a row. High incomes and a downright incredible food scene make this place a consistent winner.

  • 9 Mexico City, Mexico
    Sergio Mendoza Hochmann via Getty Images

    InterNations ranked Mexico top for “ease of settling in” for the third year running, as 79 percent of expats say it’s easy to make friends here. We’d choose Mexico City as our hometown for its museums, parks and cutesy coffeeshops.

  • 10 Sofia, Bulgaria
    Kisa_Markiza via Getty Images

    When we heard Sofia was one of the cheapest cities for rents in Europe, we couldn’t help but be enthused: If you choose to make this historic city your home, you’ll also be within striking distance of one of Europe’s all-time cheapest beach getaways.

  • 11 Barcelona, Spain
    Francesco Riccardo Iacomino via Getty Images

    You know Barcelona’s festive beach clubs, but did you know it was also named Europe’s first Capital of Innovation? Urban Europe recommends this city for itsseamless integration of technology and public services.

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SMC South Africa Employee Loses Job for using k-word



An employee of SMC South Africa Alochna Moodley, who admitted to using the k-word in reference to a black flight captain and passengers in an SMS, has been dismissed from work with immediate effect.

“A recent incident has been brought to the company’s attention [and] at SMC [Pneumatics], we do not tolerate any form of racism,” said Kevin O’Carroll, managing director at SMC South Africa.

This follows Moodley calling two black passengers – Reverend Solumuzi Mabuza and Sibusiso Magubane – as well as Captain Menzi Mvelase by the k-word on a flight from OR Tambo International to King Shaka Airport last Friday night.


She was called out by Mabuza, who was seated next to her and saw her typing the k-word on her phone, when she was expressing anger that someone on the flight was drunk while another person was “sniffing”.

Moodley was immediately escorted off the flight when the incident was brought to the airline crew’s attention.

On her part, Moodley admitted her offence to newsmen and blamed it on being frustrated.


She said: “It was a mistake on my side, I am not going to deny that I said those things.

“Yes, it’s wrong for me to make those racial remarks but it was my SMS, so why was he [Mabuza] looking at my phone?

He invaded my privacy and I feel like this thing was blown out of proportion,” she said at the time.


-Sowetan Live

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Manchester Airport closed, Flights Canceled as Snow hits the UK



Runways at major UK airports has reportedly been shut down by heavy snow and has brought travel disruption to commuters as temperatures plunged across the country.

Manchester Airport said on Twitter that it has temporarily shut its runways to clear snow. Liverpool Airport also closed its runway for about four hours while heavy snow was cleared from the runway. It reopened at 9:50 a.m. (4:50 a.m. ET).
Both airports have however advised people to check the status of their flight before traveling.
Frustrated passengers tweeted they have been stuck at the airports or on planes since early morning.


Weather warnings for snow and ice have been issued for areas around England, and police and road authorities have warned of dangerous driving conditions in the Midlands and north of the country.
After reports of multiple collisions, Greater Manchester police have charged drivers to be careful, and the UK’s national weather service, the Met Office, issued a yellow warning for ice and snow covering much of the UK on Wednesday.
Parts of France are also under a weather warning after heavy snow fall, Météo France,as warned by the French national meteorological service.

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