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5 Careers That Can Majorly Wreck Your Health




Americans are known for our tendency to work until burnout. And a recent survey from NPR adds to a growing pile of research that some jobs can really, really hurt your health.

For their survey, NPR collaborated with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health to ask about 1,600 Americans how they feel their jobs affect factors like their eating and sleep habits, stress levels and social lives. Overall, 16 percent of workers said they think their jobs have a bad impact on their health as a whole. But in some industries, that number was significantly higher.

These 5 industries included the highest percentage of respondents who said work has a negative impact on their health:

  1. Retail outlets, 26 percent

  2. Construction or outdoor work, 23 percent

  3. Factory or manufacturing, 21 percent

  4. Medical, 19 percent

  5. Store, 16 percent

The NPR survey gave both “store” and “retail outlet” as options for respondents, so there may be a bit of a discrepancy here. In any case, working on a retail floor of any kind seems to bring up fears about negative health effects.

Among survey respondents, the biggest concerns about workplace health were chemicals and contaminants, unhealthy air and accidents or injuries. A very telling 24 percent of office workers cited long sitting hours as a concern, echoing recent research that shows sedentary jobs can contribute to all sorts of health problems.

What’s the fix?

Of course, there are many ways to ease the tension between your job and your health. But one of the most obvious self-care tricks, taking a vacation day, goes widely underused, according to the report.

Some workers are given vacation days but neglect to use them. Among workers whose companies give them paid vacation days, only 49 percent said they used most or all of their available days last year, according to the survey.

However, vacation isn’t a given in many of the industries mentioned above. Forty-seven percent of workers in low-paying jobs ― that’s almost half! ― don’t get paid vacation days from their employer, the report says. Forty percent of these same low-paying jobs don’t offer health insurance, either.

That’s a huge shame when you consider the positive effects of vacation on stress levels, creativity and productivity.

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Sports head injuries Balanced reportage is required – Experts



A group of more than 60 leading international neuroscientists, including Mark Herceg, PhD, a neuropsychologist at Northwell Health’s Phelps Hospital in Sleepy Hollow, NY, and a member of The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, published a correspondence today in The Lancet Neurology, asking for balance when reporting on sports-related injury chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). CTE is a type of dementia associated with exposure to repeated concussions, and has been linked with a variety of contact sports such as boxing, football, American football and rugby.

Although CTE is commonly featured in the news media and discussed among peers, the medical community is just beginning to understand how to recognize the disease, guidelines for how to assess its severity have yet to be established.

“We don’t currently have a clear understanding of the link between CTE pathology and any specific symptoms,” noted Dr. Herceg. “It’s important to note to the public at large that CTE is at an early stage of scientific and medical understanding, with many important aspects of the disease yet to be established.”


“Dr. Herceg and his colleague’s CTE research is timely and impactful as a major step forward to more clearly defining the risk and prevalence of this important syndrome,” said Kevin J. Tracey, MD, president and CEO of the Feinstein Institute.


-Northwell Health

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Mother bags 4 years jail term for drawing son’s blood.



A Danish court on Thursday sentenced a mother to four years in jail for aggravated abuse for having unnecessarily drawn a half-litre (one pint) of blood from her son weekly for five years.

A trained nurse, the 36-year-old woman began drawing her son’s blood when he was 11 months old, averaging about once a week for the next five years.

The mother said she would not appeal the verdict handed down by the district court in the western town of Herning.

“It’s not a decision that I took consciously. I don’t know when I started doing what I had no right to do. It came gradually. I threw the blood down the toilet and put the syringes in the garbage,” she told the court.

The boy, today aged seven and who lives with his father, suffered an intestinal illness shortly after birth but as the years went by doctors could not explain why he had so little blood in his system.

To remedy the situation, doctors gave him 110 blood transfusions over the years.


They eventually grew suspicious of the mother, and police began investigating her.

She was arrested in September 2017 carrying a bag of blood.

On social media, she had presented herself as a single mother fighting for her sick son.


Psychiatric experts told the court they believed the mother suffers from Munchausen syndrome by proxy, a rare condition in which a person, usually a mother, fabricates an illness for a dependent and puts them through unnecessary medical treatment.

However, they deemed her healthy enough to go to prison.

She has been barred from the nursing profession.



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