Drama Explodes When Rob Meets Chyna’s Family

Getting to know a new girlfriend’s family is challenging in any relationship. But on the latest episode of Rob & Chyna, Rob Kardashian truly had his hands full with meeting fiancée Blac Chyna‘s huge brood back in her hometown of Washington, D.C.

Though Rob, 29, initially didn’t want to go on the Independence Day trip, Chyna eventually wore him down into agreement. And it’s a good thing he got on board.

“If Rob doesn’t go, this could be a make or break in our relationship,” she huffed to the cameras.

After arriving in the nation’s capital, Chyna, 28, immediately threw Rob into the deep end with a family dinner involving both her parents, bitter nemeses who hadn’t spoken in more than a decade.

In another bizarre twist, Chyna’s outspoken mom, Tokyo Toni, had never even met any of Chyna’s 11 half-siblings before the group outing. (Only three, Camille, Brittany and Eric Jr., made the dinner.)

Beforehand, Chyna prayed that her mother, infamous for her online fights, would behave.

“She’s known for not giving two f***s,” the model admitted. “I’m just hoping she can keep it together and we can have a good dinner.”

Of course, Toni was immediately offended upon learning that sisters Chyna, Camille and b were all born within five months of each other. Nearly three decades later, the secret was out about her “player” ex.

“I’m starting to think you have a little attitude problem,” Chyna’s once troubled dad, Eric Sr., told Toni, adding fuel to the fire.

Toni then fled to the bathroom.

“I don’t f*** with him!” she told a concerned Chyna.

Fortunately, Toni returned to the table and remained calm for the rest of the meal.

In another unorthodox family tradition, the entire clan headed for a strip club called Sensationals after dinner.

While Eric Sr. stuffed dollar bills into a stripper’s panties, Toni twerked near the stage. Peace was finally restored after a decades-long feud.

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So, how did recluse Rob cope with the chaos?

He was actually the happiest Kardashian fans had seen him in years.


“I definitely felt comfortable,” he told the cameras. “Throwing myself in uncomfortable situations is what I have to do to be happy. I’m realizing that not everyone is judging me.”

Chyna was relieved that her man mixed well with her family.

“I’m exited that Rob is out and about and I hope we can keep this up when we get back to LA.,” she dared to dream.

There was one teensy bump when Toni confronted Rob about his trust issues with Chyna.

“You can’t do what you’re doing,” she said. “You’re going to ruin it!”