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Greatness Is Expensive




You see great people everyday on tv, radio, through their books, at seminars and so on. You desire to have just a bit of that spotlight. It is good to aspire but be warned for behind every great man or woman you see today is an invisible trail of dissapointments, persevererance,failure, sorrow, waiting, lack, wilderness periods and inadequacies. Let’s all be willing to be developed in private by God before being revealed to the world. Greatness is expensive, it will cost you friends, time,relationships and virtually EVERYTHING! #great #greatness #brandenvoy #anttentiontv #fansaliveafrica #templeobike #expensive #quoteoftheday #picoftheday #swampmerchant

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Stop Procastinating! Own A Home in Lagos, Nigeria with N1,000,000




I AM NOT A REAL ESTATE GUY. I am a wise business-man who decided to invest in real estate by negotiating to get cheap prices for various plots of land around the IBEJU-LEKKI & EPE, LAGOS MAINLAND axis and then get seasoned real-estate professionals to get me reliable people who need assistance in sorting themselves out. This was my exact situation five years ago.
I kept on postponing this major move, my family was growing and properties were getting more expensive as the days went by. I didn’t want to move to Chevron round-about because it hadn’t developed, a few months later it developed and became expensive. After a while I didn’t want to move to anywhere after the 2nd toll-gate, then I didn’t want Ajah, then it became Sangotedo…

I sat down and told myself the truth. At this rate, I will be left with Ogun State as an option because everywhere was fast developing in Lagos State.

I decided to make a move and bought some properties along the IBEJU-LEKKI, ELEKO AXIS. These properties tripled in worth and are well worth over N100Million naira as I speak. Listen, Land is the only resource that ALWAYS bounces back even when there is a down-time in the property investment space.
I need to tell you this. Are you outside the country? Do you live outside Lagos? Do Not be scared to invest in properties in Lagos State! We will take care of every necessary documentation, get your property to a level and set-up a gate and then hand over your keys to whoever you inform us to.
Fill the form below and we will call you within 12 hours.
Click Here OR Call/Send a Whatsapp Message to +2347066663071.

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Political Marketing Campaign Experts Running Campaign in Nigeria



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Political Aspirants are connecting with their crowd using our government-compliant campaign system. Here’s your chance to reach your crowd at a highly affordable Price. The more your numbers, the higher your discount.

You can reach them via 1) Sending SMS’s 2) Sending Recorded Voice Calls Out (OBD) 3)Pushing Traffic to Online Materials + more

We can reach this number per state. Call us on 07066663071 or send an email to

1 Abia 1,700,00
2 Adamawa 1,603,083

3 Akwa Ibom 2,119,727

4 Anambra 2,447,996

5 Bauchi 2,462,843

6 Bayelsa 923,182

7 Benue 2,480,131

8 Borno 2,315,956

9 Cross River 1,527,289

10 Delta 2,845,274

11 Ebonyi 1,459,933

12 Edo 2,210,534

13 Ekiti 909,967

14 Enugu 1,944,016

15 FCT 1,344,856

16 Gombe 1,394,393

17 Imo 2,272,293

18 Jigawa 2,111,106

19 Kaduna 3,932,492

20 Kano 5,457,747

21 Katsina 3,230,230

22 Kebbi 1,806,231

23 Kogi 1,646,350

24 Kwara 1,406,457

25 Lagos 6,570,291

26 Nasarawa 1,617,786

27 Niger 2,390,035

28 Ogun 2,375,003

29 Ondo 1,822,346

30 Osun 1,680,498

31 Oyo 2,934,107

32 Plateau 2,480,455

33 Rivers 3,215,273

34 Sokoto 1,903,166

35 Taraba 1,777,105

36 Yobe 1,365,913

37 Zamfara 1,717,128

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