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Life attracts Life: Give your brand a personality



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Branding has been a topic to be approached with great caution as questions on the real definition of branding is like stirring a cup filled with both juice and sediments. Feedbacks received on the definitions of branding sometimes range from the signature hairdo of the ladies in top management all the way down to the tiny dot on that awesome company logo. Others would argue that it’s a lifestyle, an experience or simply corresponding visuals. These are all correct answers.

All business interactions, from Mary the receptionist to the updates Marvin the social media manager regularly posts on Twitter, FB, Instagram or LinkedIn are all a big part of the branding concept because individuals buy an experience and not features or products. A lot of agencies write copies that are filled with technical terms  forgetting they are supposed to be selling to real live human beings and not other companies. Many brands are on the precipice of going out of business and the only solution to this problem is simply having to relate to the real live humans who patronise your business for what they truly are. HUMANS.

The entire organisation needs to put in deliberate and concerted efforts into ensuring that the communication channels are more human, realistic and emotion-centric (and this in no way has anything to do with the staff in customer care putting up permanent smiles because we see through that. Thank You).

Here are some tips to help you get started with building the brand personality that could make all the difference.

Tip 1: Ease Up:

The up-tight communication has to be stopped and the brand should live like a true human being who gets to be trained with each passing day as it grows. The Corporate Communication manager will teach him how to speak, the accountant will be his financial conscience and the HR team can nanny the company and choose who its playmates will be.

Tip 2: Invest in Staff:

To achieve tip 1, it means that the guys who handle various aspects of the company must be adept at what they do. The best way to achieve this is to ensure that you get to invest in staff training sessions. If the organisation is a start-up, the CEO/Manager/Director could go lean on expense by speaking to friends in other fields to come in with key staff and share their experiences on the job with the guys and girls. This is something that has worked for us as it leaves us excited and eager to learn more knowing of course that we might be called upon to return the favour.

Tip 3: Create a Brand Life:

How will your brand sound to your customers if it were human? Say you we’re a coffee shop. I guess “Bright Coffee Morning Ma’am/Sir” could be an apt way of greeting your customers every morning. Afterall, it also gives you an opportunity to add zest to their day before it even starts as opposed to “Welcome to Coffee Ville” plus a plastic smile. You might as well just add the classic eerie vampire “Ha, ha, ha” laugh

Tip 4: Organise Communication Points:

Make it a rule of thumb to ensure that all your communication channels not only sound human but sound like what your brand can say. If this isn’t happening, it could be a good reason to gather the team or the agency handling your organisations communication and brief them. After this exercise, mock letters, posts, tweets, updates can be written to ensure the lesson has been learnt by all. At this point, it would be nice to state that though it’s good to create a brand life with a human touch, the people breathing life into this business should NEVER forget that it is still a business. In effect, it means that when “Mr Austine” who has been a customer for 2 years responds to your FB post on how great the weather has been with an “Yo Coffe-ville, It’s a great beach day for me and ma girl”. Jerry the Communication manager had better not be seen responding with an “Austine holmes, do your thing bro! wink, wink”.  Instead a mild “Great day it truly is” would suffice.

Tip 5: Get a Vision & Mission:

We all had a set of rules growing up that ensured we walked to a large degree on the moral side of life’s lawn. This is equally applicable to building a brand as every brand needs a set of rules and goal to help keep it focused. For example, “Coffee-ville’s” mission could be “To help create a world of focused individuals”. Now this mission statement could simply help the brand create everything it needs for it’s business down to sales and getting the customer back using these few examples.

  1. Whenever you come into the shop, motivational tapes, songs, news quietly play to allow customers engage in their primary activities while subconsciously listening.

  2. The staff greet you with an uplifting “Bright Coffee Morning Ma’am/Sir”

  3. All communication channels are geared towards informing individuals to achieve, excel and aspire.

  4. Motivational Speakers are invited every quarter to inspire customers and teach them new ways of being productive across various sectors while still using the opportunity to unveil a new product at the venue.

That’s all for today and hope this helps every one seeking to build a brand with a more realistic feel.

Written by Temple Obike

Twitter: @swampsage

Facebook: De Swamp Formula

Linkedin: Digital Content Africa

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Erdogan, confident that Trump will waive sanctions on Turkey.



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Source: Reuters- U.S. President Donald Trump has the authority to waive sanctions on Turkey for its purchase of Russian air defense systems and should find a “middle ground” in the dispute, President Tayyip Erdogan says.

First parts of a Russian S-400 missile defense system are unloaded from a Russian plane at Murted Airport, known as Akinci Air Base, near Ankara, Turkey, July 12, 2019.

Erdogan’s comments came two days after NATO member Turkey took delivery of the first consignment of advanced Russian S-400 missile defense system parts, despite warnings from Washington that the move would trigger U.S. sanctions.

Broadcaster Haberturk quoted Erdogan as telling Turkish journalists that Trump “has the authority to waive or postpone CAATSA”, referring to U.S. sanctions designed to prevent countries buying military equipment from Russia.

“Since this is the case, it is Trump who needs to find the middle ground,” Erdogan said, according to Haberturk.

Trump expressed sympathy for Turkey’s position when he met Erdogan at a G20 summit in Japan last month, saying Ankara had bought the S-400s from Moscow because the previous U.S. administration would not sell it the Patriot defense system made by Raytheon Co.

“Right now, I don’t believe Trump is of the same opinion of those below him and he has said this in front of all the world’s media,” Erdogan said. “By buying the S-400s, we are not getting ready for war. We are trying to guarantee peace and our national security.”

Despite Trump’s warm words, U.S officials said last week the administration still planned to act.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told the Washington Post in an interview published late on Sunday “the law requires that there be sanctions and I’m confident that we will comply with the law and President Trump will comply with the law”.

U.S. officials have said Turkey could also be thrown off the F-35 stealth fighter jet program in addition to the threatened CAATSA sanctions,

Meaning it would no longer be part of the production process or be able to buy the jets it has ordered.

The Pentagon says the S-400s would pose a threat to the jets if they were operating in the same region.

Erdogan said Turkey had orders for more than 100 F-35s made by Lockheed Martin and expected Washington to remain committed to the deal.

Erdogan said Turkey still wanted to buy Patriot missile defense systems from Washington and the two countries should be aiming to increase trade and work on “comprehensive defense cooperation”.

“Trump has always viewed this positively,” he said. “ … Now, at a time when we are discussing mutual trade volumes of $75 billion, $100 billion, will we be dealing with this gossip? Why should we? We are strategic partners, let’s do what strategic partnership entails.”


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Nigeria: Actress Regina Daniels Married to Billionaire Ned Nwoko? Here’s Why I married Her.



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We all heard that Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels is customarily married to businessman/politician, Ned Nwoko who happens to be 59 years old (Not like it matters). They had a customary marriage ceremony at Asaba which was the hometown of the Daniel’s.

Hon. Ned Nwoko, a former member of the House of Representatives, is 59 (Like we mentioned earlier, not like it matters again) and his newest wife, Regina is 18 years old meaning that he had  or maybe has four other wives. The billionaire politician also happens to be a muslim and can lawfully have as many wives as his relgion allows (Your research can start afterwards)


Also, he cited his royal background as another factor for his harem of women.
Recall that Ned Nwoko married one Miss Nwakaego Ukachukwu, his Special Adviser on Legal Matters and also gifted her a N20 million BMW car as well as a posh mansion in a high-brow area in Abuja.

Regina and mum, Rita

Married to five wives, Nwoko has been the one splashing cash and spoiling Regina Daniels silly with expensive gifts. He bought her the expensive cars including a house in GRA Asaba which the actress brandished on social media some weeks ago as a gift to her mother, Rita Daniels.

Don’t forget little Regina flaunted a N3.3m Rolex wristwatch, some days after her gift to her mum.
Obviously, Regina has been dating the billionaire for at least over a year or close to two. When asked if Ned Nwoko could be accused of cradle-snatching, sources close to him hinted that Nwoko didn’t touch her until she was of age.
It was also gathered that Mr. Nwoko sometimes flies the actress to Abuja on his private jet to one of his cozy homes where he also enjoys quiet times with her.
The wedding ceremony, which held last weekend was a private affair as the few family members invited were instructed not to take photographs. There wasn’t much glitz as many would have wanted and everybody complied with the wish of the couple to have a discreet ceremony.

Her mother, Rita Daniels, is also an actress. Currently, a Mass Communication student of the Igbinedion University, Benin, she became a social media sensation recently when she started flaunting luxury on her Instagram page. From flying private jets to different parts of the world to flaunting luxury cars, she became the kind of newsmaker acting never afforded her.

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