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Man apologizes on social media before killing his ex-girlfriend in front of daughter



Ethan Reid, 23, killed his ex-girlfriend Kaylah Hodges, 20, with a shotgun, in front of their seven-month-old daughter at his mother’s home in Scottsville, Kentucky. Hours before the murder, Reid wrote an apology on Facebook, stating that he’s “a terrible person after all and was never meant to be happy.”

The Allen County Sheriff Department said the couple – whose five years relationship ended recently, got into an argument before Kaylah was fatally shot. Reid’s mother, April Riley, was holding her granddaughter when Hodges, who had been living at the family’s residence, was killed by her drunk son. Speaking about what happened, April said:

“Kaylah handed me the baby and got around me, and Ethan shoved me and the baby back and went after her. And then I heard a ‘pop’ and when I got to the edge of the hallway I saw her fall out the front door. That beautiful baby has no parents.”

Reid was disarmed by a neighbour, who heard the shooting and went to the house with his own shotgun. He was able to overpower Reid by using the butt of the shotgun to hit his head. He then sat on him until police arrived and arrested him.

Hodges, who was found on the front porch by deputies, was taken to hospital but died due to the nature of her injuries. Reid on the other hand, was taken to hospital to be treated for injuries he suffered during the struggle with the neighbour, and is being held in custody on a charge of murder.

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Saudi man accidentally buy’s $300m planes for son



A father in Saudi Arabia has set the standards for parents buying birthday presents for their children when he accidentally purchased two Airbus A350-1000s after searching for small scale models of the plane for his son.

The Saudi man, who remains unnamed and is an investor in the kingdom’s energy sector, was searching for small models of the plane as a birthday gift for his son who is a big fan of aviation.

When he called the world’s second biggest aerospace company Airbus to obtain the model planes, however, his lack of verbal clarity in the English language made communication between him and company difficult.

“They asked so many questions about interior and exterior, I just thought they make very accurate scale models,” the Saudi was reported as saying.

When the price of around $365 million was presented to the man, it did not seem to deter him, saying that “I got lost in currency conversions, I thought it was a bit expensive but still reasonable.”

The full extent of the blunder was finally revealed when a few months later, Airbus called him to inform him that the planes were ready to be delivered. “They asked me who will fly it, I thought it was a joke.” The man eventually decided to keep one of the planes and give one away as a gift to his cousin.

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Nearly half of people don’t change their Underwear Daily- and some wear same for a week.



Source: Mirrow- Recently we discovered that a worrying number of people aren’t washing their underwear correctly.

And now to make matters worse, we’ve just found out that there are plenty of people out there who don’t put on a clean pair of underwear everyday.

Yes, really.

According to new research by underwear maker Tommy John, around half of people in the US (45 percent) don’t change their underwear daily – and a disturbing 13 percent of those they spoke to even confessed to wearing the same pair of knickers or pants for an entire week.


Men are 2.5 times more likely to wear the same pair of pants for seven or more days (stock photo)

It’s probably time to throw out your old undergarments and buy some new ones (stock photo) (Image: iStockphoto)

Men were found to be the worst for doing this, with the survey of 1,000 Americans showing that males are two-and-a-half times more likely than women to wear the same pants for seven days or longer.

The research also revealed that people felt a strong sense of loyalty for their underwear, with 46 percent of participants admitting that they had owned the same underwear for a year or more.

Around 38 percent also said they’d had their favourite underwear for so long, they couldn’t remember when they bought it.

But this behaviour goes against the company’s recommendations, as they advise their customers to throw out their old underwear and buy new pants every six months to a year.

This is because underwear collects bacteria that can lead to nasty infections in the long run.

And as for bras, Marks and Spencer’s bra fit expert and technical manager Julia Mercer recently spoke to MirrorOnline about when you need to get a new one.

She said: “In my opinion, a bra is at its best in its first year of being worn”.

So there you have it folks, if you’re wearing underwear you’ve had at home for more than a year, it’s probably time to nip to the shops and treat yourself to some fresh new ones.

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