TV reporter sacked over pro-Trump and anti-Obama Facebook posts

A television reporter in Houston was fired from her job on Thursday after she posted overtly political posts on her Facebook page celebrating the election of Donald Trump and the end of Barack Obama’s presidency.

Scarlett Fakhar, a reporter for KRIV Fox 26 Houston, thanked her supporters on social media after she informed them that her bosses had dismissed her ‘for expressing my conservative views on my private Facebook page’, according to the Dallas Morning News.

The station is an affiliate of the Fox television network. 

Fox 26 representatives confirmed on Friday that Fakhar is no longer with the station. 

The 25-year-old television journalist became the subject of controversy last week after she had announced on her personal Facebook page that she was ‘happy and relieved’ that Trump had won.

‘I prayed for the best leader that will turn this country that has become more violent and racist under the Obama administration than ever … into the America I once knew’, she wrote in a post that was later deleted.

She said Obama ‘has made the entire country hate one another’.

Fakhar also came under fire for the post, parts of which were construed as racist. 

‘I hate to say it … but the number of African Americans killing one another far outweighs the number of them being killed by whites’, she said.

In a subsequent post, she denied the racism charge, citing her own ‘multiracial’ character borne of her Iranian heritage. 

In the same post, she also said that anyone who ‘wanted Hillary’s free education’ should ‘work hard like the rest of us’ because ‘I will not be paying for your laziness’.

In Fakhar's post (above), she accused the Obama administration of fomenting racism and violence and also criticized Democratic proposals for 'free education'

She said that her Iranian immigrant father’s rags-to-riches story should serve as an example to those advocating for greater government benefits.

A source told the Daily Mail that Fakhar was dismissed because part of her reporting duties including covering political issues during the newscasts.

Permitting her to express opinions publicly on the subject would compromise her impartiality and betray a political bias, the source said.

‘A number of people in TV news are telling followers on social media how they feel about this year’s election’, wrote blogger Scott Jones on ‘Which is exactly what they should not be doing’.

Fakhar rallied her supporters on Facebook by accusing her former bosses of trying to censor her posts

As a journalist, you are taught (I hope) to stay unbiased and just report the story’. 

The ensuing backlash compelled Fakhar to post an apology ‘for making public my personal views on the outcome of the election and other issues’.

The apology has since been taken down.

Fakhar posted a message on Facebook on Thursday confirming she was fired by the station 'for expressing my conservative views'

Fakhar also took aim at a local newspaper for insinuating she was racist in her comments on 'black on black crime'

Fakhar on Thursday took aim at ‘the liberal Houston Chronicle’ for ‘wrongfully saying I chastised African Americans’.

The newspaper had published a story on the controversy, and the wording used by the journalists caused Fakhar to take issue. 

‘The media has made this a RACE issue when in reality the matter boils down to a difference in political philosophy,’ she wrote.

‘As a multiracial person myself, I never have been or never will be racist. I simply stated the fact that the media continues to misrepresent the factual realities that there is NO more white on black crime than there is black on black crime.’

Fakhar’s dismissal has triggered an outpouring of support for her on Facebook, with conservatives praising her while slamming the newspaper and her former bosses for her firing.

‘It’s what they do, Scarlett’, wrote one Facebook user. ‘[The Houston Chronicle is full of] fake journalists and lying scoundrels. This is why Trump was elected, because we’re all tired of it. And have been for a long time’.