5 important keys on how to know your health status from a look on your nails.

Nails Color

The color of an healthy nail is pink and white and the ending of your nails is also white. Sign for bacterial infection are green nails. If you are having reddish lines on your nails that relates to some heart problem. Blue color means that your oxygen level in your blood is low. Lifeless nail relate to deficiency of vitamins in your body. White color is a sign for problems with the liver, and if you are having black spots on your nails root that’s a signal of aging.

Thick Nails

Thick nails are not natural or common thing. If you have thick nails that means that you have problems with your lung. Grooved and thick nails are sign for yeast infection, while cracked and thick nail means that you have problems with the thyroid gland. Also, unusually thickness is sign for very poor circulation.

Cracked Nails

If your nails are regularly cracking and you have cracked nail that is a sign for deficiency of vitamin c, protein and folic acid. Psoriasis is a disease that in 10% starts with white dots on your nails root. Nails cracking is also related to chronic nourishing

Wire Nails

If the shape of your nails is curved outwards and looks like spoon that means that you have some heart disease or your iron levels are high or low.

Grooved nail

Grooved nail is a sign for disease that causes hair loss or psoriasis. Psoriasis is a skin disease that can be very unpleasant and itchy.

We hope that this list will help you to detect many diseases in their early stage.