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Brave dog stops woman being robbed by thug in the street



No more proof is needed that dogs are amazing – but here’s a clip of a heroic dog showing how brave they can be.

Incredible footage shows the dog leaping into action to defend a woman from a robber.

The video, filmed in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, shows a man in a yellow hoody following a woman walking along a road.

The pair stroll past the dog, which is believed to be a stray, RTCG reported.

As soon as the man grabs the woman from behind, the dog rushes over to help.The woman is forced to the ground as the man tries to steal her bag, but he is immediately attacked by the animal.

In the clip, the dog appears to jump up and bite the man’s buttocks, causing him to abandon the theft and run away.

Not yet satisfied, the dog chases the man off, giving him one final bite at the ankle as the man races out of shot.

The video was posted on the Facebook group Podgoricki Vremeplov, a group for people living in the city.

People were full of praise for the animal, including one man who posted a photo of a dog with the caption: ‘Hero of the day.’


24 Hours Across Africa

South Africans ask Nigerians for forgiveness as they troop out in masses



Say no to Xenophobia, South Africans troop out in masses carrying banner and asking for forgiveness from Nigerians after weeks of xenophobic attacks.

The south Africans sangs as they marched through the street and also held up a banner which called for unity among Africans, week after the attack which led to destruction of properties and looting of shops owned by foreigners.

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24 Hours Across Africa

Guardiola tips rival winner of Premier League




Pep Guardiola side suffer a defeat against Norwich after pukki netted a miraculously winning goal.
The citizens, head coach has joked that Jurgen Klopp’s side have won the league after Norwich overcame Man City 3-2, with Liverpool defeating Newcastle 3-1 to go five points clear at the top.

Speaking to reporters after the shock defeat to the newly-promoted Canaries, Guardiola joked that the Reds have already clinched the league title.

“We’re in September… we’re going to do that? Okay: congratulations, Liverpool, you are the champions.

“We’re in September! We’ll recover, go to Ukraine, then we come back.

“Of course, we’ve dropped five points. Tottenham was a pity because we played very well.

“Against Norwich, it was in the important parts, in set pieces for example, that the players have to know exactly what to do.”

The Citizens, meanwhile, sit second after suffering their first loss of the campaign, having also dropped points earlier in the season as they drew 2-2 with Spurs back in August.

Guardiola did, however, play down any concerns this early in the season, expressing his delight at working with the current group of players.

“It’s a joy as a trainer to be with these guys,” said the City manager. “I don’t know what’s going to happen this season until the last part of my period here.

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