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We should always pay attention to the problems and symptoms during our cycle. The gynecologists warn us about these types of irregular symptoms and we shouldn’t ignore them. Excessive or reduced bleeding, skipped cycle can be signs of a serious problem. So, you must go to see a gynecologist.

If you have two or more menstrual cycles excused (and you are positive that you are not pregnant), can be a cause for a several, not really good things. The reasons can be thyroid problems, hormonal imbalance, diet or excessive workouts, stress and even premature menopause.

The Absent period can lead to an advanced growth of abnormal cells (possible disorder before cancer). Except the typical treatment, your gynecologist must do a blood test and check the levels of your hormones, your thyroid and also check you up for polycystic ovaries.

The absence of menstruation

Omitted two or more cycles, can be causes of the following problems: Hormonal imbalance, problems with the thyroid gland, premature menopause, stress, excessive exercise or diet.

Heavy bleeding

If you are using birth control pills, profuse bleeding between cycles is normal.

Unbearable symptoms of PMS

If you feel abnormal desire for food, great anxiety, depression, mood swings, loss of control, it is possible that you suffer from premenstrual dysphonic disorder. This condition is much worse than the classical PMS.

Bleeding and cycles that last more than 10 days

If you change the cartridge every hour means you have excessive bleeding. This

condition may indicate a number of problems such as fibroid, which can cause anemia.

Unruly hormones

No coincidence if women who suffer from asthma, they feel very bad week before the cycle. Premenstrual magnification is a phenomenon where conditions such as diabetes, arthritis or depression, become burning during the period. Consult with a doctor, about your condition

and medications to help you.

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