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Mum Claims Drinking Tea & Smoothie Made From Her Raw Placenta Helped Her Ward Off Post-Natal Depression



A mother who warded off postnatal depression by drinking teas and smoothies made from her raw placenta has revealed how she shared a cup with her boyfriend – whose teasing friends called him a ‘cannibal.’

After suffering with anxiety for years, Stephanie Gardner, 31, feared she would be susceptible to postnatal depression when she fell pregnant with her eldest child Katie, now two.

Finding scores of mums on the internet attesting to the benefits of consuming their placentas – either in raw or dried form – to boost energy and mood, Stephanie said: ‘I decided if trying it helped ease my anxiety, it was worth a shot. What did I have to lose?’

So, Stephanie, who works in marketing, of Long Beach, California, followed in the well-trodden footsteps of ‘hippy mums’ and gave it a go.

She continued: ‘I used to be a real sceptic, but over the past few years, I’ve tried more alternative medicines, like reiki and acupuncture.

‘There’s a real community of hippy mums where I live, so this sort of thing isn’t unheard of.’

Following Katie’s birth, Stephanie paid $200 (£152) to have her placenta encapsulated into both raw and dried form, so she could ingest it – something she has since repeated with her second baby, Isabelle, now six months.

With the raw portion of her afterbirth, she made smoothies, blended with strong-flavoured fruit like pineapple and almond milk, and chamomile tea.

Her children’s father, software engineer Jason Major, 30, even tried a swig, and swears it boosted his energy levels substantially.

‘The tea didn’t taste great. It was a quite meaty, gamey flavor,’ admitted Stephanie. ‘We’d have been better off turning it into a chicken noodle soup, or something with stronger flavors.

Luckily, despite her fears, Stephanie did not experience postnatal depression after having Katie and remains positive the placenta pills and smoothies warded it off.

She explained: ‘Some people were interested and asked questions, but others thought it was gross, and said it was the most disgusting thing they’d ever heard.

‘But every mammal apart from humans eats their own placenta, and I’ve noticed huge benefits after consuming mine.

‘There’s been such a big change in my mental health. I’m a much happier, more rounded person now.

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Inflation rate falls to 1.7%



 The office for National statistics says the consumer price index is 1.7%-down from 2.1% – in August

Head of inflation at ONS Mike Hardie said: “The inflation rate has fallen noticeably into August, to its lowest since late 2016. This was mainly driven by a decrease in computer game prices, plus clothing prices rising by less than year after the end of the summer sales.

“Annual growth in house prices slowed to its lowest rate since September 2012, with four of the nine English regions now seeing prices falling over the year”.

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Nigeria Football Federation boss Amaju Pinnick under fresh corruption probe



Several properties belonging to top officials of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), including its president Amaju Pinnick, have been seized in a fresh corruption probe.

The latest investigation and seizures are being carried out by the country’s Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission’s (ICPC).

The ICPC has published a newspaper advertisement about the properties seized – half of which belong to Pinnick.

According to the statement published in the Nigerian papers one of Pinnick’s properties is in London.

It comes amidst wide-ranging claims over how money meant for football development allegedly disappeared.

“We can’t go into further details beyond the fact that many officials of the NFF are under investigation,” ICPC spokesperson, Rasheedat Okoduwa said.

“It’s basically because what they have is in excess of what they have earned.”

The ICPC has also taken control of properties belonging to the NFF second vice-president Shehu Dikko and the general secretary Muhamed Sanusi among others.

Source: BBC

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