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USA: Mum-of-two left with hole in her face after she dismissed cancer as stubborn spot.



A mum-of-two has been left with a hole in her face after dismissing skin cancer as a ‘stubborn spot.’

Keely Jones, 40, was advised to see a dermatologist after her beautician noticed the red blemish on her face but she ignored her concerns.

Keely from North Carolina, USA, was convinced that the bump on her temple was just a spot as she’d rarely exposed her skin to the sun.

But after being tested Keely was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma – a skin cancer that can cause extreme disfigurement if left untreated – two months ago.

The growth – which left Keely with a hole the size of a five pence piece on her forehead – was removed and required over 20 stitches to close.

She is now sharing her own story to warn others of the risks of skin cancer.

Keely, who owns a beauty company, said: “I don’t usually have blemishes on my face, so it was unusual for me to get a spot.

“I thought it was just a stubborn one, so I just continued to pick it and every time it would just scab over and bleed.

After going for a facial I was advised to go and see a dermatologist after the beautician noticed the spot, but it took months to get referred to a clinic.

“I only ever used tanning beds when I was in my teens and I hardly went in the sun anymore – and when I was in the sun my face would always be covered.

“I’m lucky that I got the lump removed when it did, or it’s likely that the cancer would’ve spread across my face.

“Despite the spot being so small, I had to have removals three times to make sure all of the cancer was gone.

“I had to have over 20 stitches to close up the hole. Last week I had them taken out, so now I am just left with a small scar.

“Working in the beauty industry it does make me very self-conscious, but I hope that my story can show people the real dangers of skin cancer.”

Keely initially visited her dermatologist in September after concerns were raised about her skin.

She added: “After seeing the dermatologist , they decided to do a biopsy on my temple as it looked concerning.

“A week later I received a call and was told that I had cancer.

“I then had to have three more surgeries to remove the spot from my temple and to get all of the cancer out.

“When it was removed and I saw the massive hole on my temple I was so shocked – the spot was so little, but they needed to remove so much more skin.

“The hole was then stitched together, but luckily I had these stiches removed just last week and it’s unlikely that I will need any more surgery.

“I’ll still have to go for checkups though because the chance of having another cancerous spot is now higher.”

Keely is now recovering after having her stitches removed on November 21 and is now using her story to raise awareness to others.

Keely said: “For the next few weeks I can’t exercise, pick up the children or sleep on my right hand side.

“These photographs of me are more than unflattering, and as someone who works in beauty I found it quite hard to share them.

“But hopefully it will help at least one person learn the importance of looking after their skin.

“Skin cancer can happen to anyone – I hardly used tanning beds, and always avoided the sun, and I still managed to end up with skin cancer.”

Motherland News

Protest leader arrested, charged with inciting violence in Zimbabwe.



Armed police in Zimbabwe have arrested a political activist at his home on Wednesday, his lawyer said.

It comes as protests against fuel price hikes enters day 3 Wednesday. Evan Mawarire, a Harare pastor, rose to prominence as a critic of former leader, Robert Mugabe.

Beatrice Mtetwa is lawyer for Evan Mawarire.

Businesses and schools remain closed while mobile telecom networks enforce a government internet shut down in this Southern African nation.


“I cannot say the stay away has been successful but at the end of the day we await to hear what the government will do because the people have spoken, they were not happy and up to now they are still in fear”, said Harare resident, Ronald Gwasira.


“The way it looks people want to go to work but unfortunately it seems the transport operators are not willing to take them”, said Terrence Gumbi, another resident.

Wednesday is the third and final day of stay-at-home protests called by unions in response to the steep hike in fuel prices.


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Kenya: Uhuru Kenyata promises avenge terror attack in Nirobi.



Kenyan security forces have neutralised all four terrorists involved in the attack on a hotel complex in the capital Nairobi, President Uhuru Kenyatta said on Wednesday.

Kenyatta said about 700 people had been safely evacuated, vowed to avenge the 14 “innocent” lives lost.

“We are a nation that never forgets those who hurt our children. We will pursue relentlessly those involved in the planning and execution of this attack,” the president said.

‘‘I take note of Kenyans who took to social media to spread hope and criticise false information. You have shown the world bravery, patriotism and love.’‘


he attack in numbers

  • 14 civilians confirmed dead

  • 700 people safely evacuated

  • 4 attackers neutralised


An earlier estimate put the death toll at 15.

Timeline of the attack

  • Tuesday 3pm (local time): Attack on dusitD2 hotel begins with two explosions

  • Tuesday 5:55pm: Al Shabaab claims responsibility

  • Tuesday night: AU, EU, UN, United States, Somalia condemn the attack

  • Tuesday night : Police announces it has secured 7 out of eight floors

  • Wednesday 6am: Gunshots ring out as police say at least two groups of people still trapped inside complex

  • Wednesday 8am: President Kenyatta declares terror attack and security operation ‘over’.


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