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7 Facts about dreams that will blow your mind



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Have you ever woken from a ludicrously whacky dream a thought to yourself, “How the HECK did my brain come up with that?”
Like, you were walking around inside a giant plastic nose with your colleagues, all wearing tuxedos and looking at the nasal walls like it was artwork. Or maybe you have the same recurring dream where you’re sprinting through a jungle that’s got a zillion snakes hanging from the branches and slithering all over the ground, and you just have to keep running.

Dreams are weird, and even though there’s a lot of research based on this phenomenon of sleep, there is still much that we can’t explain. But here are some things we do know, and some of it sounds pretty freaky, to be honest. Have a look, and learn something new about how and why we dream up some of that crazy weird stuff we do.

1. You can’t walk in your dreams

According to Men’s Health sleep advisor W Chris Winter, MD, your brain has difficulty recreating the physical feeling of your feet hitting the ground when you’re sleeping. He says that if you were to look down while dreaming, you’ll probably see yourself flying or just floating (you creep you).

2. The “strangers” in your dreams aren’t strangers at all

Many scientists believe that the random people in your dreams are probably people you’ve encountered before. Even if you feel like you’ve never seen them in your life, the theory is that you’ve probably walked past them on the street or seen them on some kind of commercial or something. It looks like our subconscious stores their images for whatever reason.
sleep bed dream man Credit: Pexels

3. You probably dream up mutant people

Just like walking, your brain also struggles to recreate hands and faces as they should be when you’re unconscious, says Winter. The people in your dreams are probably missing fingers or have deformed hands and faces. Really – if you look closely at someone in your dreams, Winter says they’ll probably look blurred or have their noses/eyes/mouths in slightly different spots or even completely absent (*shudders*).

4. Your dreams get wilder later in the night

Research has shown that when you first doze off, your dreams are pretty logical and are basically just you going through everything that happened in your day and making sense of it. But later on, and especially right when you wake up, that’s when your dreams get really weird because your mind is now free to think about anything and everything unbridled.

5. You can control your dreams

Yes, this means you can fight off nightmares too. All you have to do is think of whatever recurring nightmare you have when you’re awake, but imagine it with a happy ending. Alternatively, you can try your hand at the thing called lucid dreaming, which is when you train your brain to stay conscious during dreams. Sounds weird, but it really can work.

6. Not everyone dreams in black and white

A British study found that it’s mainly just older people who dream in black and white, contrary to popular belief that everyone does. They believed that it’s because older generations watched black-and-white TV for a portion of their lives, which is why they struggle to dream in colour sometimes.

7. It’s possible to have dreams within dreams

Inception-like dreams are actually quite common, and often people have a “false-awakening” when they think it’s time to start the day, but only realise they’re still dreaming after stepping into the bathroom and purple goop starts coming out of the taps.

Think you’ll have trouble sleeping tonight after learning all that? Never fear, at least you know that you can control what your unconscious dreams up – if you really put your mind to it.

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Anttention Fresh

Please Read–Warning Signs of a Stroke



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Stroke has a new indicator! They say if you forward this to ten people, you stand a chance of saving one life. Will you send this along? Blood Clots/Stroke – They Now Have a Fourth Indicator, the Tongue.

During a BBQ, a woman stumbled and took a little fall – she assured everyone that she was fine and she said she had just tripped over a brick because of her new shoes.

They got her cleaned up and got her a new plate of food. While she appeared a bit shaken up, Jane went about enjoying herself the rest of the evening.

Jane’s husband called later telling everyone that his wife had been taken to the hospital – (at 6:00 PM Jane passed away.) She had suffered a stroke at the BBQ. Had they known how to identify the signs of a stroke, perhaps Jane would be with us today. Some don’t die. They end up in a helpless, hopeless condition instead.

It only takes a minute to read this.

A neurologist says that if he can get to a stroke victim within 3 hours he can totally reverse the effects of a stroke…totally. He said the trick was getting a stroke recognized, diagnosed, and then getting the patient medically cared for within 3 hours, which is tough.

Affairs and how to recover from it. Ain’t You Tired?


Read and Learn!
Sometimes symptoms of a stroke are difficult to identify. Unfortunately, the lack of awareness spells disaster. The stroke victim may suffer severe brain damage when people nearby fail to recognize the symptoms of a stroke.
Now doctors say a bystander can recognize a stroke by asking three simple questions:
S *Ask the individual to SMILE.

T *Ask the person to TALK and SPEAK A SIMPLE SENTENCE (Coherently) (i.e. Chicken Soup)
R *Ask him or her to RAISE BOTH ARMS.

If he or she has trouble with ANY ONE of these tasks, call emergency number immediately and describe the symptoms to the dispatcher.

New Sign of a Stroke ——– Stick out Your Tongue

NOTE: Another ‘sign’ of a stroke is this: Ask the person to ‘stick’ out their tongue. If the tongue is ‘crooked’, if it goes to one side or the other that is also an indication of a stroke.

A cardiologist said that if everyone who gets this message shared it with 10 people; you can bet that at least one life will be saved.

I have done my part. Will you?
Please share this link on your Facebook wall. It could save a life.

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24 Hours Across Africa

Tanzania: officials summons WHO over Ebola claims



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Tanzania’s government has summoned the World Health Organisation’s local representative over claims that they’re concealing information on Ebola virus infections in the country.

On Saturday, WHO said in a statement that it had learned of one suspected fatal case in the main city, Dar es Salaam, and two other infections but, despite repeated requests, was given no information.

Last week, Tanzania said it had no confirmed or suspected cases of Ebola.

Government spokesman Hassan Abbasi said on Twitter that the ministry of foreign affairs had summoned the WHO’s Tigest Ketsela Mengestu to obtain “in-depth details from the agency on reports circulating in the media”.

A short video clip has also been posted on the ministry’s Twitter account, showing Dr Tigest clarifying at a meeting with Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Damas Ndumbaro that the WHO did not say there was Ebola in Tanzania:

Social embed from twitter


WHO rejects claims to issue a statement on existence of Ebola in Tanzania.

Embedded video

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Report this social embed, make a complaint

More than 2,100 people have died during the current Ebola outbreak in neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo.

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