Practical ways to overcome insecurities

Everyone has their insecurities but some are better at hiding them while others are good at dealing with them. Sometimes you just don’t feel like you’re good enough or doing enough. In this day and time where people get ‘standards’ from social media, it is even more difficult for people to manage their insecurities.

A lot of people suffer from depression and even go as far as committing suicide just because they were bullied, rejected or criticized because of their inadequacies.

There is no one way to overcome insecurities as everyone deal with it differently. However, these are few tips I believe would set you on the track:

Build Your Confidence.

When you have self confidence you can’t be bothered about anyone who thinks you’re not good enough. The truth is most people point out the insecurities of others just to cover theirs.

They project their fears on you and try to convince you that you can’t succeed. What you need to do is learn Self Approval. If it’s good enough for you then put it out there. Even if it’ll take a while, your work will surely get recognised.

Do not depend on other people to tell you what is or isn’t good enough for you.

Always Surround Yourself With Positive Friends.

 It’s also very important to be around people who give you strength in your weakness and knows how to give you the right push.

Always avoid toxic friendships and stay away from people who see you as a nonentity or a “never-do-well”. People like that only know how to condemn without giving any good suggestion.

Pray About It.

There are times I get so worried about issues and I just pray. Even when the problem haven’t been resolved, within me I get a kind of reassurance that everything would be fine.

Never underestimate the power of prayers. The answers may take a while but knowing that you didn’t leave God out of it should be a source of relief because He is the one who makes all things beautiful in His own time.

Do Not Be Afraid Of Criticism Or Rejection.

The reason why some of us are not pursuing our dreams is because we’re scared of being criticized or ignored. What we fail to realize however, is the fact that sometimes criticisms bring out the best in us.

I once asked a friend to review my articles and the response I got was a little different from what I expected. He told me that one of the articles was too basic while he  complimented the other, talking about how I owned that particular article.

As my friend it was normal for me to expect him to applaud me, but it was even better he told me the truth because it affected the way I wrote my next article. I was able to make it more personal and relatable.

There is nothing wrong with trying to improve yourself to meet certain standards. Just make sure you’re doing it for you, not because of someone’s approval but because it’s what you want.