Shocking moment woman is bundled into car by ‘jealous ex-lover’ – but is rescued by heroic passerby.

Shocking footage has captured the moment a woman was allegedly bundled into the boot of a car by her jealous ex-lover before being rescued by a heroic passer-by.

It’s claimed the man had hit his ex-girlfriend in the head with a glass bottle before attempting to force her into the vehicle.

The incident, believed to have been motivated by jealousy, occurred during the evening on December 16 outside the bar El Viejon in the city of Queretaro, central Mexico.

Several witnesses said that the man assaulted her inside the bar by smashing a bottle over her head and hitting her.

Others then filmed the man’s attempt to force the young woman into the boot of his vehicle in the car park.

Wearing a red dress, the unnamed victim is seen being pushed into the boot by two men.

According to local media, one of the assailants is identified as Francisco Javier Laurencio, who is said to be the victim’s ex-boyfriend.

One witness approached the Volkswagen Jetta after the woman started shouting for help. His presence forced the men to stop what they were doing and move to the front of the car.

Hero helped the woman out of the boot as one of the men jumped in the driver’s seat and pulled away. The other attacker ran out of the car park on foot as a crowd began to assemble outside, filming on their phones.

The victim’s relatives took her to hospital for multiple cuts and injuries to her head and legs.

There has been no official response from local authorities and no record that the young woman has filed a complaint.