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The things men are likely to buy when they’re going through a midlife crisis



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Ah, the midlife crisis. Nothing like looming death to make you want to spice up your life, empty out your wardrobe, and finally buy a motorbike. A midlife crisis isn’t all about buying sports cars and dumping your wife for a younger model.

It’s a moment when people become keenly aware of their mortality, reflect on their lives, and question what they can accomplish in the rest of their lives. It can have serious ramifications on your relationships, your career, and your mental health. But all those sports car, new suit cliches are cliches for a reason.

Men very often do cope with a midlife crisis by buying wild and wonderful things. New research from Healthspan Ubiquinol has found that the average man will spend £2,106 during his midlife crisis, with a flashy holiday the most common purchase.

Researchers polled 1,000 men to find out what it’s like to go through a midlife crisis. More than half of men aged 40 and above said they’d gone through a midlife crisis, with the majority saying it hit around age 47.

As well as holidays, men struck by the curse of a midlife crisis were likely to buy designer clothes, a motorbike, tickets to a music festival, a new tattoo, and a gym membership.

The top 20 things men buy during a midlife crisis:

1. A holiday

2. A new gadget

3. A sports car

4. Designer clothes

5. A motorbike

6. Tickets to a concert or gig

7. A new tattoo

8. A trip traveling around the world

9. A gym membership

10. An Xbox/PlayStation/Games console

11. A designer watch

12. Tickets to a music festival

13. Major renovations to your home

14. Expensive or vintage alcohol

15. Sex toys

16. A new house/property

17. A new hairstyle/colour

18. A musical instrument

19. A new, expensive bike

20. Jewellery

One man polled blamed his midlife crisis for buying a £2,000 Armani suit, another said they’d spent £70,000 on a car, and one midlife crisis-er even bought a £1,800 albino python.

Psychologist Dr Meg Arroll explained: ‘Reaching midlife can act as a significant milestone for many men and is a time when some men become keenly aware of their own mortality.

T’his can result in a profound sense of turmoil and confusion as life may not have turned out as envisaged (it rarely does). ‘For some men, a way to cope with these feelings is to make life-changing decisions regarding relationships and money.

‘However, this period of introspection doesn’t necessarily have to be negative – for some men, middle age can in fact be positive, leading to more time spent with family, health kicks and getting back to once loved hobbies.’

In addition to inspiring some less then sensible purchases, the men surveyed revealed that their midlife crises changed their health and relationships.

37% said their relationships had lost their spark, 34% said they were more likely to argue with their partner, and one in five said they struggled to see the good in their relationships and family life.

48% said their energy levels dropped after reaching middle age, too. So that’s some fun stuff for us all to look forward to.

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24 Hours Across Africa

Tanzania: officials summons WHO over Ebola claims



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Tanzania’s government has summoned the World Health Organisation’s local representative over claims that they’re concealing information on Ebola virus infections in the country.

On Saturday, WHO said in a statement that it had learned of one suspected fatal case in the main city, Dar es Salaam, and two other infections but, despite repeated requests, was given no information.

Last week, Tanzania said it had no confirmed or suspected cases of Ebola.

Government spokesman Hassan Abbasi said on Twitter that the ministry of foreign affairs had summoned the WHO’s Tigest Ketsela Mengestu to obtain “in-depth details from the agency on reports circulating in the media”.

A short video clip has also been posted on the ministry’s Twitter account, showing Dr Tigest clarifying at a meeting with Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Damas Ndumbaro that the WHO did not say there was Ebola in Tanzania:

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WHO rejects claims to issue a statement on existence of Ebola in Tanzania.

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More than 2,100 people have died during the current Ebola outbreak in neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo.

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WHO accused Tanzania of hiding information on Ebola victims



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Ebola virus has cause major loss of life and socioeconomic disruption in Africa.

The number of cases has began to decline gradually, following the commitment of substantial international resources.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has rebuked Tanzania for failing to provide information about possible Ebola virus infections.

The WHO said it had learned of one suspected fatal case in Dar es Salaam and two others but, despite repeated requests, was given no information

Tanzania has said it has no suspected or confirmed cases.

The latest outbreak has killed more than 2,000 in eastern DR Congo, with Uganda battling to stop any spread.

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