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Warning Symtoms of low levels of Patassium in the body that should not be ignored



Potassium is a vital vitamin for the proper function of our body, and because of that we need to take it in required amounts. If this is not the case, then certain health issues will start to appear which will impede your normal function of the body. Even if this seems to you as not an important thing, believe us low levels of potassium within the body can cause great damage for your health and well-being.

This mineral is needed for proper performance of the muscles, including the heart. In fact, 98% of the potassium is present within the cells, and any small change in its level can greatly influence the muscles, heart, and nerves.

The body signals when it is lacking potassium, and we just need to recognize these signals and act accordingly.

Numerous Symptoms of Low Levels of Potassium

  1. General Fatigue

If your body is short of potassium you will experience general feeling of fatigue. So, if you experience exhaustion and you are feeling tired, then it would be best to check your levels of potassium in the body. Each body cell needs potassium so that it functions properly, and if there are low levels of this mineral, then the cells and the organs will not work optimally.

Therefore, if you cannot determine the reason of your general fatigue that occurs even when you are not putting any extra effort to fulfill your normal daily activities, then make sure to seek for an advice from your doctor.

  1. Heart Palpitations

Potassium deficiency impacts the heart health by causing irregular heartbeat rhythm, and heart palpitations without any particular reason. Plus, it can hamper the coordinated and balanced heart contractions that are controlled by electrical impulses. For that reason, ensure proper intake of potassium in order to protect your heart from cardiovascular diseases, heart attacks, and strokes.

  1. Hypertension

Potassium has the ability to control high blood pressure. So, if you are experiencing high blood pressure levels it may indicate that your body lacks potassium.

  1. Feeling Bloated All The Time

The sodium levels in the body cannot be controlled if it lacks potassium thus resulting in salt-induced bloating. In order to avoid this condition make sure to have enough quantities of potassium inside your body.

However, you need to be aware that there are other reasons for the occurrence of bloating aside the potassium shortage. For that reason, make sure to avoid the intake of foods that can make you bloated.

  1. Tingling and Numbness

Potassium supports the health of your nerves, and if the body is lacking this mineral then you may start to feel pins sensation and annoying needles.

  1. Constipation

Body short of potassium can also have disturbed digestion process resulting in cramping, stomach bloating, and constipation.

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Zimbawe’s doctor goes missing after masterminding strike



Fearless Zimbabwe’s minister of health has called on the government to address insecurity lapses that has lead to the disappearance Peter Magombeyi, the head of a doctor’s union, who disappeared on Saturday.

Fears are rising over the fate of Zimbabwe medical doctor Dr Peter Magombeyi after he sent a message to say he had been abducted in that country by unknown persons – apparently for demanding a “living wage”.

An AFP report earlier on Sunday quoted the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctor’s Association (ZHDA) as saying Magombeyi had not been heard from since he sent a WhatsApp message on Saturday night saying he had been “kidnapped by three men”.

Zimbabwe doctors, who earn a miserly equivalent of about R3 000 are on strike to press for better wages, equipment and medicines in state hospitals.

The ZHDA has reportedly accused state security forces of abducting the doctor because of his role in organising work stoppages.

This week some doctors said the death of deposed Robert Mugabe, 95, in a Singapore hospital on 6 September was an indication of how bad health services in Zimbabwe

“Dr Magombeyi’s crime is only to ask for a living wage for his profession. This is a reflection of the troubles born out of refusal to implement Political Reforms.”

The Zimbabwe government led by Emmerson Mnangagwa has not publicly commented on the doctor’s disappearance

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Turkey: Group calls for immediate action against Femicide



Emine Dirican, a beautician from Istanbul, tried to be a good wife. But her husband hated that she worked, that she socialized, even that she wanted to leave the house sometimes without him.

She tried to reason with him. He lashed out.

“One time, he tied me — my hands, my legs from the back, like you do to animals,” recalls Dirican, shuddering. “He beat me with a belt and said, ‘You’re going to listen to me, you’re going to obey whatever I say to you.’ “

She left him and moved in with her parents. In January, he showed up, full of remorse and insisting he had changed. She let him in.

In her mother’s kitchen, he grabbed her by the hair, threw her to the floor and pulled out a gun.

“He shot me,” she says. “Then he went back to my mom and he pulled the trigger again, but the gun was stuck. So he hit her head with the back of the gun.”

Her father, who was in another room in the house, heard the gunshots and ran over. Dirican almost bled to death after a bullet ripped through a main artery in one of her legs.

“I was telling my father, ‘Daddy, please, I don’t want to die.’ “

Femicide — killing women because of their gender — is a longstanding issue in Turkey. Nearly 300 women have been killed so far this year, according to the Istanbul-based advocacy group We Will Stop Femicide, which has been tracking gender-related deaths since Turkish authorities stopped doing so in 2009.

Source Npr news

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