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Brit tells how friend died when they ‘jumped from moving train in India because it was wrong one’



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A heartbroken Brit has told how his friend died when they got on the wrong train while travelling in India and decided to jump off.

University lecturer Fabian Galama, 53, and his Dutch pal Erik Suidman, 51, were getting a train to Agra on the last leg of a two-week journey on Tuesday.

But the pair mistakenly boarded an Express to New Delhi and decided to leap off the train as it left the platform.

Fabian jumped first and escaped with minor injuries – but Erik suffered fatal head injuries after he lost his balance as he jumped and landed inches from the track.

Fabian, an Art and Design Lecturer at Edinburgh Napier University, said: “I do not know what happened. It was all of a sudden.”

“I jumped off first and then he followed but something went wrong in between. He had his bags with him and the train was rolling.

“It was speeding up and Erik seemed to have lost his balance. He fell just inches away from the tracks. When I picked him up he was bleeding severely.”

The two tourists had flown into New Delhi two weeks ago on a holiday which had taken them across the northern Indian state of Rajasthan.

Fabian said that Agra was to be the last leg of their journey, before they were due to fly home on Saturday, January 6.

He added: “We were waiting for the train in platform 1 and when it chugged in, we asked at least three people if it was going to Agra. All of them replied with a ‘yes’.

“But it was not a local train, it was an Express, so we were confused.

“When we went to look for our window seats, we found them occupied already. It was then that we realised we were on the wrong train.

“As the train was leaving the platform we decided to quickly jump off. “

Erik was rushed to a nearby hospital approximately seven minutes after the accident, but died of his injuries on the way.

The local police have registered the matter and are keeping Erik’s body in a mortuary for a post-mortem examination, before it can be sent back to his home.

Giga Ram, the railway police officer looking into the case, said: “The foreign tourists had arrived in Rajasthan on Monday and were travelling to Agra but wrongly boarded the New Delhi bound train.

“As soon as the Express left the platform, they found that they had boarded a wrong train.

“The two jumped off the train minutes later and Erik suffered fatal head injuries. We are waiting for a post-mortem to ascertain the cause of death.

“The body will be handed over to the embassy after the reports.”

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24 Hours Across Africa

Salah withdraws from Egypt Squad



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Egypt Football Federation has leave out Mohammed Salah on the upcoming AFCON qualifiers match with Kenya due to injury worries.

Egypt were grouped with kenya, Togo, Comoros in Group G, football fans has tipped Egypt to top the group due to their attacking threat.

The Egyptian talisman has now been ruled out of the upcoming AFCON qualifiers after due assessment by Egypt’s medical team.

The physios believe the Liverpool star’s injury, which was sustained from a challenge by Leicester City’s Hamza Choudhury earlier last month, has been aggravated during the clash against Manchester City and needed time to heal.

The Egyptian frontman will miss the two matches scheduled this week.

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24 Hours Across Africa

Groups criticise Kenya’s census figures



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Groups has criticised the released Kenya’s population census figures stating that the results are not accurate.

It found that the total population of the country is now 47.6 million, nine million more than in 2009.

But some regions have experienced a decrease in population.

These outcomes can be hugely controversial because the size of the local population has important implications for the level of government funding they receive.

Kenya’s population is made up of many different ethnic groups, closely aligned to competing political parties.

The government has yet to release all the data on the ethnic composition of the country, but the changes in population in certain regions from this latest census have already caused arguments.

The outcome of such surveys can embolden or weaken claims made by groups for political representation or resources.

In one area of the north-east territories bordering Ethiopia and Somalia, the census indicates a decrease in the population, prompting local political leaders looking to retain funding for their provinces to question the veracity of the survey

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