CHAN 2018: Full quarter-finals list, group stage statistics.

The Championship of African Nations (CHAN) enters the knockout stage this weekend. As part of our coverage of the tournament, we present some facts and figures from the preliminary stage.

The quarter-final stage effectively means that eight teams are left in the sixteen-team competition. The group stages served some interesting fixtures across the 24 games played so far.

We analyze the four groups with the following pointers – total points accrued, total goals scored, top scoring team, the teams that qualified and the outlook of results.

Group A – Facts and Figures

Total points: 17 (7 – Morocco, 7 – Sudan, 3 – Guinea and 0 – Mauritania)
Total goals scored: 13 goals
Top goal scoring team: Morocco with 7 goals
Qualified teams: Morocco and Sudan
Results outlook: Five wins and one draw

Group B – Facts and Figures

Total points: 16 (7 – Zambia, 7 – Namibia, 1 – Uganda and 1 – Ivory Coast)
Total goals scored: 10 goals
Top goal scoring team: Zambia with six goals
Qualified teams: Zambia and Namibia
Results outlook: Four wins and two draws

Group C – Facts and Figures

Total points: 18 (7 – Nigeria, 6 – Libya, 4 – Rwanda and 1 – Equatorial Guinea)
Total goals scored: 10
Top goal scoring team (s): Nigeria and Libya with four goals each
Qualified teams: Nigeria and Libya
Results outlook: Five wins and one draw

Group D – Facts and Figures

Total points: 15 (7 – Congo Republic, 5 – Angola, 2 – Burkina Faso and 1 – Cameroon)
Total goals scored: Six
Top goal scoring team: Congo Republic with three goals
Qualified teams: Congo Republic and Angola
Results outlook: Three wins and three draws

Complete Quarter-finals List

January 27, 2018

Morocco vs. Namibia at the Complexe Mohammed V, Casablanca
Zambia vs. Sudan at the Grande stade Marrakech, Marrakech

January 28, 2018

Nigeria vs. Angola at the Grande Stade de Tanger, Tangiers
Congo Republic vs. Libya at the Le Grande Stade Agadir, Agadir

Semi finals are slated for January 31, 2018 in Casablanca and Marrakech. The third-place match is scheduled for Marrakech on February 3 whiles the final will be in Casablanca on February 4, 2018.