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The Most Unusual Restaurants From Around The World




1. Waterfall Restaurant, Quezon province, Philippines


Being the part of a Villa Escudero resort in the city of San Pablo, Waterfall Restaurant is probably the only public place in the world (in civilized society at least) where you can eat, admire the beautiful views around and … wash your feet at the same time.

The local Philipino food is being served on bamboo tables at the foot of a real waterfall, so those sitting at the tables closest to the cascading water might take a shower as well.

Taking shower while having lunch

Unusual restaurant waterfall Philippines

Sounds good for those who like being closer to nature (primitive beach bars or restaurants in the middle of the rainforest will hardly impress anyone), and it is definitely a perfect decision for hot sultry days, which is quite common for these places.

2. Mazoch café, Lviv, Ukraine


This famous restaurant, named after the well-known Lviv writer Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (you are definitely familiar with the term masochism), is the place where you will hardly want to have a breakfast with your kids. The provocative theme and intimate atmosphere with the dim red lights and women’s corset shaped chairs will be a good choice to have a late dinner in a company of close friends.

S&M dinner


The bull’s testicles fried in oil is only one of the things the local menu will impress you with, and the nicely dressed waitresses will handcuff or whip you if you are willing so (just do not be surprised if your friends share the video on the web next day). When you are leaving the place do not forget to deep your hand into Leopold’s pocket, there will be a surprise waiting for you!

3. Restaurant in the Sky, Brussels, Belgium


This place, or rather an attraction, is not a good idea for those afraid of height. While all the safety procedure are strictly obeyed (you are literally tied to a chair, like in a real rollercoaster) not everyone will be in the mood for a nice dinner on the height of 150 feet. This risky idea of starting the restaurant above the city was first suggested by a Belgian entrepreneur David Ghysles in 2004, now restaurants of the same type are gaining more and more recognition practically all around the world, becoming a popular venue for business dinners, fancy parties and must-visits for the ordinary tourists.

In the clouds


In addition to extravagant delicious food and drinks (the prices are even higher than the restaurant itself) you will receive the beautiful view and emotions you will hardly ever forget. Just do not forget to check the weather forecast before booking a table, otherwise the fancy dinner might turn into Survivor reality show.

4. Restaurant near Sanyou Cave above the Chang Jiang river, Hubei , China


Another must visit for those who think that eating on the ground is too primitive is the Cave restaurant in China. To get to your table you will have to experience some shock first (just to get prepared for the dinner itself): the restaurant opens with a simple brick building which leads you to a 30 meter-long narrow bridge. In the end you find yourself in a huge dining hall caved into a cliff, with some parts of it literally hanging over the ground on the height of several hundred meters.

On the edge


At this point make sure to take a deep breath, order a nice meal (with a bottle of champagne) and start enjoying the view of the Yangtze river flowing below. In case it does not impress you enough, you may try bungee jumping, the platform is not far from the restaurant.

5. Monkey Restaurant, Japan

Monkey Restaurant, Japan

We all know how even the best and most expensive restaurant may leave a bad impression if the service is poor (angry waitress, slow barmen or dirty table is doubtfully what you are expecting to see in a good place). Well, the owner of this restaurant should hardly worry about the quality of the service: who on Earth would get mad for having to wait for a drink too long if the one responsible for delivering drinks is … a monkey.


Kaoru Otsuka, the owner of this unusual restaurant, says he never really meant teaching the monkeys to take orders and bring food, it was merely their own desire. Kaoru owns two macaque monkeys now: Yat-chan (the most experienced one) takes orders and brings drinks, and Fuku-chan, who still holds the junior position and is responsible for bringing hot towels to the customers. If you are a Greenpeace activist stop panicking: the monkeys are working for only two hours a day, and seems they are pretty happy about that.

6. Opaque, California, USA


This is a place of a principally different type. While others are looking for the craziest ways to attract your attention and make you buy food in this particular restaurant (dining on the edge of the cliff, being served by a monkey in a fancy suite or handcuffed to a chair by a cute waitress), here you are offered to concentrate on your basic senses. The idea of the restaurant is quite simple: you are eating in complete darkness and being served by legally blind people.

In the darkness


The author of this conception believes that limiting other senses helps to enhance the taste of the food and enjoy it to its fullest. It might seem quite challenging to eat with a knife and a fork without seeing anything, but, on the other hand, who will notice if you drop the utensils and eat with your fingers? That is another way to enhance the taste of the food everyone is secretly practicing at home!

7. Robot Restaurant in Harbin, China


Robots greeting guests at the entrance to the restaurant, robots cooking, serving meals and bussing the tables? This is neither a script for some science fiction movie nor a dream from the future. The restaurant hiring 20 robots has opened in June, 2012, and is now one of the most popular tourists’ attractions in Harbin, China.


Robots are doing practically all the job in the restaurant, except for taking the orders (their human colleagues might be better at this). One might think that it is a good way to save money not having to pay salary to the staff of 20 people, but if you are planning on opening your own place don’t get too excited: the cheapest of the robots costs over $30 000, so you should probably hire someone cheaper to serve your customers


Newly high-tech weapon tested in North Korea




North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has tested new ‘high-tech’ weapon in message to the US despite having an agreement with President Trump to denuclearized in the international summit, in June.

North Korea state media is yet to identify the kind of weapon that was launch.


source report says, the picture the state media released showed Mr Kim surrounded by officials but no weapon was seen present.


United State have reacted to the claim , adding that they are still hopeful with the promises made by president Trump and Chairman Kim will be fulfilled.


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Health & Lifestyle

Effects of Hot baths on inflammation, glucose metabolism



According to new research, a hot bath could have effects that extend way beyond mental relaxation. According to the authors, regular hot baths might reduce inflammation and improve metabolism.

Over recent years, hot baths, saunas, and other so-called passive heating therapies have received growing attention from scientists.

Scientists now believe they offer some potential benefits, including improved vascular function and sleep.

Because hot baths are low cost and unlikely to cause significant side effects, understanding any benefits that a hot bath might have could be a quick win for medical science.

Recently, researchers set out to understand whether hot bath immersion could have an impact on metabolic disorders, such as diabetes.

 Almost 20 years ago, a paper concluded that hot water immersion of individuals with type 2 diabetes enhanced insulin sensitivity. However, it is still unclear how this might occur.

In the most recent study, the researchers dug a little deeper into the mechanisms at work. They theorized that the influence of a hot bath over glucose metabolism might revolve around the inflammatory response.


Inflammation and insulin resistance

There is some evidence that chronic, low-level inflammation increases insulin resistance. In other words, inflammation reduces a cell’s ability to respond to insulin, potentially contributing to the development of diabetes.

Conversely, exercise has been shown to reduce inflammation and improve insulin sensitivity — meaning that the body has better control over glucose levels.

Although doctors often recommend exercise to reduce the risk of developing metabolic disorders, not everyone can exercise — perhaps due to health conditions or physical capacity. It is, therefore, essential to find alternative ways to improve insulin sensitivity for these people.

Exercise, as with other physical stressors, sparks a brief inflammatory response, followed by a more extended anti-inflammatory response. The researchers wanted to see if a different type of physical stressor — a hot bath — might have a similar effect on the immune system.

For this study, the researchers investigated the impact of a hot bath on overweight, mostly sedentary men. The findings were published recently in the Journal of Applied Physiology.


Hot bath intervention

Each participant immersed themselves in a water bath set at 102°F (39°C) for 1 hour. Scientists took blood just before and after the bath, and then 2 hours later.

Also, the researchers charted the participants’ blood pressure, body temperature, and heart rate every 15 minutes.

 Over the following 2 weeks, the participants had a further 10 hot water immersions.

The researchers found that a single hot water immersion caused a spike of interleukin — a marker of inflammation. Similarly, there was an increase in nitric oxide (NO) production.

The spike in NO is important because it causes blood vessels to relax, lowering blood pressure. NO also improves glucose intake into tissues, and scientists think it has anti-inflammatory properties.

As expected, the 2-week intervention saw a reduction in fasting blood sugar and inflammation. In the same way that exercise influences inflammation, the researchers saw an initial increase followed by a long-term decrease in inflammation.

The researchers also write that it “might have implications for improving metabolic health in populations unable to meet the current physical activity recommendations.”

It is important to note that the people who took part in the study did report some discomfort. This was either due to the length of time that they were required to stay in the bath or the high temperature. Future research might investigate whether shorter periods or lower temperatures might have similar benefits.

Of course, hot baths alone cannot treat metabolic disorders, but they may be a simple, cost-effective intervention that can run alongside other treatments.


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