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‘Crazy Rich Asians’ wins the weekend box office




The first major studio film to feature an all-Asian cast since 1993’s The Joy Luck ClubCrazy Rich Asians lived up to the early hype it generated with a $25.2 million opening weekend in U.S. theaters and positive reviews from professional critics and audiences alike. Its winning weekend was accompanied by 92-percent positive reviews


from critics and an “A” grade from audiences.

The film’s success is more than just a big win for diversity in Hollywood. It also offers proof that taking risks on projects that fall outside the typical casting norms can pay off, and will hopefully encourage the industry to greenlight even more unique films. Only time will tell if Hollywood learns the right lessons from the success of Crazy Rich Asians.

# Title  Weekend    U.S. Total   Worldwide Total 
1. Crazy Rich Asians $25.2M $34M $34.7M
2. The Meg $21.1M $83.7M $314.1M
3. Mile 22 $13.6M $13.6M $14.1M
4. Mission: Impossible – Fallout $10.5M $180.7M $501.4M
5. Alpha $10.5M $10.5M $10.5M
6. Christopher Robin $8.8M $66.8M $89.6M
7. BlacKkKlansman $7M $23M $24.9M
8. Slender Man $4.9M $20.7M $21.1M
9. Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation $3.6M $153.8M $425.9M
10. Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again $3.3M $111.2M $319M

As for the rest of the weekend’s new releases, action film Mile 22 underwhelmed commercially and critically with its $13.6 million debut and reviews that were generally unkind, to put it mildly. The film, which casts Mark Wahlberg as a government intelligence agent who attempts to secure a valuable foreign officer, was savaged by professional critics to the tune of just 20-percent positive reviews, and didn’t do any better with audiences, earning a disappointing “B-” grade.

Unfortunately, the box office wasn’t very kind to Alpha, either. The film follows an Ice Age hunter who befriends a wolf, and although critics gave it their stamp of approval (82-percent positive reviews) and audiences enjoyed it (giving it a “B+” grade), it managed to rake in just $10.5 million for a fifth-place debut. That’s going to make it hard for the film to cover its $51 million price tag, no matter how well it was reviewed.

The biggest stories to come out of the weekend’s returning films were the continued success of The Meg, which is a bona fide blockbuster both domestically and abroad at this point, as well as the impressive performance of Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman, which is generating some awards buzz to go along with its critical and commercial triumphs.

This upcoming week will be an interesting one in theaters, as the raunchy, R-rated puppet crime comedy The Happytime Murders arrives in theaters with a lot of questions about what sort of audience it will attract. This week also includes the release of tech-fueled thriller Searching, as well as the family-friendly sci-fi feature A.X.L. The latter two films aren’t expected to put up much of a fight, but it’s anyone’s guess at this point as to how The Happytime Murders will do in theaters.



Release of Two Suspects shifted Jussie Smollett assault inquiry – Chicago police



Chicago Police is requesting for fresh interview with Jussie Smollett after saying “the trajectory of the investigation” into the reported attack on the Empire actor had shifted since the release without charge of two Nigerian brothers they had detained for questioning.

Smollett lawyers responded that though the star would continue to cooperate with police, but felt “victimised” by reports he might have been involved in the attack.

“Nothing is further from the truth and anyone claiming otherwise is lying,” a statement issued by law firm Todd Pugh and Victor P Henderson said.


Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said: “We can confirm that the information received from the individuals questioned by police earlier in the Empire case has in fact shifted the trajectory of the investigation.

Smollett in his report had said he was attacked by two masked men shouting racial and anti-gay slurs and “This is MAGA (Make America Great Again) country!”.


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WWE Star Paige Bemoans Sex Tape Released.



WWE star Saraya-Jade Bevis popularly known as Paige has frowned over the “humiliation” she felt when a sex tape was released without her consent, saying that she hit “rock bottom”.

The 26-year-old English professional wrestler who signed a contract with WWE in 2011 became the youngest ever champion of the WWE Divas Championship, a women’s professional wrestling tournament, at the age of 21 in 2014.

 The story of Paige’s upbringing in Norwich and the beginning of her career has been made into a film called Fighting with My Family. While In 2017, the wrestler fell victim to a leak of private photos and videos, an event that had a hugely negative impact on her mental health.

“To be publicly humiliated like that was terrible, and I don’t wish that for anyone,” Paige Said.


Despite reassuring her fans at the time that she was doing ok in the aftermath of the leak and focusing on “being happy”, the intrusion of Paige’s privacy coupled with a wrestling injury led to depression.

“I didn’t go to work; I didn’t do anything. I felt so rock bottom,” the wrestler says.

“Of course, she didn’t have the internet and thought I was the most beautiful and most successful woman in the world. It opened my eyes to so many things. I was like, ‘I’m gonna let videos get in the way of things?’” the wrestler says.

“I thought, what am I doing? I need to be successful for her. My whole journey was supposed to be about inspiring people.”

 Paige announced her retirement from WWE in April 2018. She’s since released a makeup and clothing line, and is considering returning to the world of wrestling, although she hasn’t confirmed in what capacity.

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