Couple were having sex the wrong way for four years

Adult content. 

A Chinese married couple—who were desperately trying to conceive—learned they had been having sex the wrong way for four years.

The young pair, whose identities have been kept anonymous, went to see obstetrician Liu Hongmei after the woman failed to get pregnant despite having sex on a regular basis.

During their appointment, the woman admitted that sex was “usually painful,” which prompted Liu to perform a gynecological examination.

The results were unexpected. Liu discovered that the couple had mistakenly been having anal intercourse rather than vaginal to conceive.

According to report, Liu gave the couple a sex-education handbook and within months, the woman became pregnant. To show their appreciation, the two sent Liu a live hen and 100 eggs as a gift.

“Four years of marriage and neither the husband nor wife knew how to get pregnant. Couples so lacking in general knowledge are very rare,” Liu said. “But it is not uncommon for people to lack or have misconceptions regarding sexual knowledge.”

Although China’s alarming lack of sex education has been a widely discussed issue in recent years, little progress has been made to address the problem. Today, the topic of sex remains largely taboo in schools.

In May, Chinese students at Beijing Normal University held a demonstration demanding that the government provide better sex education for its youth. The protestors held signs that read “Adult videos can’t be our sex education, universities must say yes to sex education” and “We want to enjoy safe sex lives.”