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Four nuggets that helps Maximize your time.



Do you ever feel like there simply aren’t enough hours in the day? While you can’t increase the hours in a day, there are plenty of easy ways to carve out more time for the things you need to accomplish.

How can you make more time? The answer it simple: identify things that are taking up time or causing procrastination, and make changes accordingly. Here are four easy ways to maximize your time so that you can achieve more:

1. Set clear goals.

Fuzzy goals won’t provide strong motivation. It’s very hard to work up steam for an endeavor or project that isn’t motivating, so you’ll tend to fall into procrastination mode, where it’s easy to fall back on the age-old excuse of no time.


However, if you have a clear cut goal, like “buy a $300,000 house within two years,” then you have something to work with. The more you want it, the more motivating it will be. With a goal in mind, you have the ability to break it up into achievable milestones that will begin to get you there.

There’s scientific data to back this concept. It’s called Goal Setting Theory, which is based on work done in the 1960s by Dr. Edwin Locke and Dr. Gary Latham. In researching the connection between performance and goals, they determined that there is a strong relationship between how specific a goal is and people’s job performance. Specific goals generally lead to better performance than non specific or easily achievable ones.


2. Create a routine and stick to it.

Success rewards routine. If you aren’t following a set of successful routines, you probably aren’t managing your time effectively. As an extreme example, consider the early morning routine of Apple CEO Tim Cook. He wakes up 3:45 am daily, claiming that it allows him to get through the 700 or so emails he gets per day, and gives him time to work out before he goes into the office.

That sort of wake-up time might not be for you, but you can definitely benefit from adding positive routines into your schedule. Consider waking up earlier so that you have time to get some errands out of the way so that you can focus on work later on. Or, you might make a routine of dedicating 20 minutes to career development after dinner each evening.

By setting a routine and sticking to it, you’ll find that after a while, it’s easy to make time for things because it becomes a habit.

3. Be accountable.

A lack of accountability makes it very easy to procrastinate, which makes it very hard to have the motivation necessary to carve out time in your schedule, even for projects which you care deeply about. The solution is simple: you need someone or something to keep you accountable.

An accountability partner can be extremely helpful in this regard. This is someone (a mentor, a friend, or a partner) who checks in with you to see how you are doing on your progress toward reaching your goals. When you know that your accountability partner will be checking in, you’ll probably be more likely to make time for projects or tasks. Just the very fact that someone has their eyes on your progress can be a powerful motivator to stop procrastinating and to start working on what matters.

4. Banish bad habits.

This is a hard fact to face, but frequently enough, your so-called lack of time is due to falling into bad habits. For instance, are you sleeping in all the time, or binge watching TV shows nightly? Are you on social media all the time, or are you going out all the time with friends?

You probably answered yes to at least one of the above — after all, you’re human. Everyone needs to blow off some steam or relax every now and again. Taking time off can actually be a very good thing for your career. But if you’re doing all of these things daily, then you’ve just identified several ways in which you could easily change your schedule to make more time.

How can you begin to change? Start small. For instance, you might start with 30 minutes a day where you have a self imposed social media blackout. You can dedicate that time to furthering your career by reading, studying or learning a new skill that you previously thought or claimed you had no time to pursue.


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Grab CEO: “We’re targetting another $2 billion funding this year”😶



Southeast Asia’s biggest ride-hailing firm “GRAB” said, just weeks after it announced funding of over $4.5 billion in the largest private financing round in the region ever that it expects to raise another $2 billion from strategic investors this year.

They were expecting to raise a total of $6.5 billion capital this year,”. The funding was going to be a combination of equity plus debt all in a bid to quickly expand their business lines in financial services and food delivery.

Grab is also looking to make at least six investments or acquisitions this year, said Tan, adding that the Singapore-headquartered company had no need for a stock market listing.

Grab’s massive financing round started shortly after it bought Uber’s Southeast Asian operations in March 2018 and, in return, Uber acquired a 27.5 percent stake in Grab’s business.

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Jeff Bezos keeps Amazon voting power in divorce settlement



Untitled Inc Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos will retain voting control of his entire $143 billion stake in the company under a divorce settlement with his wife, MacKenzie Bezos, who will own 25 percent of those shares, the couple said on Thursday, removing uncertainty over control of the online retailer.

The world’s richest couple had announced their impending divorce in a joint Twitter statement in January, causing some to worry that Jeff Bezos could wind up with less Amazon voting power or that he or MacKenzie would liquidate large positions.


“It takes the issue off the table, with less turbulence than you might have expected,” said an investor, whose company owns several million dollars worth of Amazon shares but who asked for anonymity because of a firm policy.

MacKenzie Bezos will wind up with a stake in Amazon that is worth roughly $36 billion. Her shares represent a 4 percent stake in Amazon, according to a regulatory filing by the company. The Amazon shares will make her the world’s third-richest woman while Jeff Bezos will remain the world’s richest person, according to Forbes.

The couple, who tweeted separately on Thursday, disclosed that under their settlement MacKenzie will give up her interests in the Washington Post, which Jeff Bezos bought in 2013 and which has been a frequent target of criticism from U.S. President Donald Trump, and the rocket company Blue Origin he founded in 2000.

“Grateful to have finished the process of dissolving my marriage with Jeff,” MacKenzie Bezos said in her tweet outlining the agreement, the first and only post from an account created this month.

The two did not provide any further financial details about the settlement.


Amazon, the world’s biggest online retailer, said in the filing that 4 percent of its outstanding shares would be registered in MacKenzie Bezos’ name after court approval of the divorce, which is expected to occur in about 90 days.

The petition for divorce was filed in Washington state, a person familiar with the matter said.

Jeff Bezos, whom Amazon listed in its most recent proxy statement as its single largest shareholder with a 16.3 percent stake, will keep sole voting authority over the shares unless MacKenzie donates them to a nonprofit or sells them in the open market.


Jeff Bezos, 55, is seen as essential to Amazon’s meteoric growth and stock price rise since he founded the company as an online bookseller in 1994. He has credited MacKenzie, 48, for her support when he uprooted the young couple to Seattle from New York to launch Amazon.

“When I think about Amazon, and the influence Bezos has on Amazon, I would argue his influence would be the same if he had 51 percent shares outstanding or 1 percent. I think his influence is dictated by his vision for Amazon,” D.A. Davidson analyst Tom Forte said.

MacKenzie Bezos’ stake in Amazon is worth more than the market values of nearly 70 percent of the components of the S&P 500.

The settlement suggests that Amazon will be spared the kind of boardroom battle that has plagued other companies whose owners are dealing with family rifts, even though the divorce had jolted the once-private Bezos couple into the public spotlight.

Jeff Bezos re-tweeted MacKenzie’s statement and added in a separate post that he was grateful “for her support and for her kindness in this process.”

Liat Sadler, a San Francisco matrimonial lawyer, said the settlement should put investors at ease.

“They’ve done a lot of work behind the scenes to make their breakup as amicable as it seems,” she said. Still, Sadler added, “Without knowing what cash she received, I have no idea how favorable it was to him or not.”

The day the couple announced their separation on Twitter, the National Enquirer promised to reveal an affair by Jeff Bezos that it claimed had ended their marriage, contrary to the couple’s statement that they were on a “long period of loving exploration and trial separation.”

The U.S. tabloid then published alleged photos and intimate text messages between Bezos and his new partner, former television news anchor Lauren Sanchez.

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