How My Life Instantly Changed for Good

I’m Jossy Katung, a 25 year old lady working-class lady. I’m not always going to be the prettiest girl in the room but i sure had a lot going for me in the looks department especially knowing i was blessed with a firm derriere that seemed to bring a lot of attention my way despite always ensuring all was decently covered.  I was tired of experiencing blockades and dead-ends on the job. I knew i was neither promiscuous nor on a  mission to seduce anyone by way of provocative dressing or untoward behaviour. All i ever wanted was to work and get paid for my contribution on the job.

It all went well until sometime in 2015 when the company i worked for at the time experienced a staff turnover. We had new managers and execs join the company and with this came many who thought every woman on their team was a plaything attracted to money, a good car and posh living spaces. The top dawg was a man who had lost count and wanted every woman who came into his space, single or attached. His lecherous looks sent cold chills up my spine whenever i had cause to visit his office. Most of my female colleagues weren’t helping as the grapevine was bursting with news of who was dating who now within our office.  On a faithful evening that i was working late, one of the new managers met me at the store room which was barely large enough to contain two people and tried groping and forcing himself on me. I resigned the week after that event.

Changing jobs did not help as i suddenly had a phobia for male colleagues. It could have been my phobia or simply an event i had come to always expect but the harrassment became more brazen and rampant. Lip licking, unwanted body contact, vulgar statements etc. The more i warned them and the sterner i became, the more rampant it got. After reporting two incidents at the office, i was nicknamed sister Jossy. I was tired of all this and decided to start a business venture selling curtain materials and designing homes. Things went well for a while until i noticed one issue, many of my clients would buy my curtain materials, let me sew it for them but would not want me to come to their homes and complete the interior aspect of my business which honestly was where the real money was. This happened a bit too often and got me worried. I was so worried that i decided to stop this business and resign to fate on any job, maybe even attempt accepting the next advance since my constant refusals have made me enemy no 1 instead of achieving the reverse. After much thought, I spoke to my pastor’s wife who finally placed a finger on what the issue was. She said that many of the mature women who happened to constitute a larger percentage of my customer base were insecure and didn’t trust their randy husbands with a young lady for a minute. She then suggested that i figure out ways to promote what i did without having to be physically present. She then gave me a suggestion that changed my entire life.

I was so excited that i didn’t know how i made it home. I quickly opened my laptop and just like she had described it, there it was. I quickly took pictures, uploaded my products on  BrandMarket(BM) platform and in less than two weeks, made almost $800 from people buying my products directly and an extra $1,300 from commission agents who reffered my Interior decorating services to people who they knew. I can’t thank God enough for this breakthrough but i also could not contain it. I couldn’t believe that this ecosystem of sellers, buyers and referrers could give my life a whole new meaning.

Just last week, i resigned from my day job as my sales income became 5 X my monthly salary in just 2 months. My joy knows no bounds at this moment but my gratitude led me to write to my fellow sisters who go through hell all in the name of doing a business to consider other smart options of getting the word out.

*A true-life testimonial from a BM beneficiary.


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