This 8 advantages of rice water will amaze you

The food ingredients that we use on daily basis can have many health advantages. For example, rice water that is usually thrown away can be used as a beauty item. No one knows that it can be very helpful for our skin as it contains enormous amount of vitamins and minerals which are essential for the skin and hair. Follow reading and you will learn how to prepare rice water and acquire all its benefits.

How to prepare rice water

First use natural rice and then boil it in water. When the boiling process is over put the water in a glass dish (eg jar). Close the dish or the jar and store it in the refrigerator. The rice water is ready for use when it is cold, and then apply it onto your hair and skin.




  1. Rice water enhances the quality of hair

Afterwashing your hair with a shampoo;apply the rice water on it. Then after leaving it for about two or three minutes rinse your hair. Your hair will become smoother and shinier as a result of the proteins that are filling the hair fractures.

  1. Rice water improves the skin

Another not well known use of rice water is use as a lotion that has UV-absorbing attributes. Human skin is producing a layer of copper on its surface which can result into skin pigmentation and age spots; however, the rice water disables this and keeps the skin healthy and shiny. Therefore, wash your face with lukewarm water, then use a cotton pad and apply it on your face. Your skin pores will tighten and the skin will glow.

  1. Skin irritation and inflammation remedy

Skin irritation and inflammation are real bother, but thanks to rice water skin rashes will disappear and the skin inflammation will be disabled.

  1. Amazing acne therapist

Acne condition is a nuisance not only for teenagers but also for adults. The rice water can be used as an acne therapy and decrease the inflammation, just dip a cotton pad in rice water and apply it on the desired place.

  1. Stops diarrhea

Just prepare a mixture of rice water in which you will put a pinch of salt. Then drink this mixture and the diarrhea will be gone soon.

  1. Eczema remedy

Rice water is good remedy for the eczema, again just put a small amount of rice water on the infected skin, then repeat the process several times until you get positive results. Starch is the essence that rice water has which is a reliable fighter against eczema.

  1. Incredible starch of white clothes

White clothes very quickly become greyish, but the rice water will change this. Just
put the white clothes in diluted rice water and let them stay for a couple of minutes.When the time is up, wash them as usual.

All these may sound strange, but in fact, rice water has numerous health benefits. There is one more fact, that is, it contains 8 valuable amino acids that are of great importance for the muscle regrowth process. Also the carbs included in it will boost you with extra energy. That is why next time when you cook rice don’t throw away the rice water.