Bomber kills 19 people including 3 Americans after Trump’s Troop withdrawal announcement in Syria

President Trump has come under criticism following to his quick withdrawal announcement of US forces out of Syria.

A senior US senator  has questioned President Donald Trump’s troop pullout from Syria after three Americans were killed in a suicide attack by the armed group ISIL in Syrian town of Manbij.


US Vice President Mike Pence repeated the claim on Wednesday to the press after the attack, saying the ISIL “caliphate has crumbled” and the armed group “has been defeated”.

Pence said he and Trump “condemn the terrorist attack … and our hearts are with the loved ones of the fallen”.

Senator Graham stated his concern about the statements made by President Trump … “is we’ve made people we’re trying to help wonder about us. And as they [ISIL] gets bolder, the people we’re trying to help get more uncertain. I saw this in Iraq and I’m now seeing it in Syria,”

What is Trump's strategy for Syria and the region?

A source also confirmed that the move has prompted US Secretary of Defense James Mattis to resign, and the top US envoy in the anti-ISIL fight, Brett McGurk, to leave his post earlier than expected

“We’re never going to be safe here unless we’re willing to help people over there who will stand up against radical ideology,” Graham said.