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Tottenham’s Slim Hope in UCL, a Possible Hope for EPL victory



It is a little disrespectful that most people are not looking at Mauricio Pochettino’s side as potential Premier League winners, even though they are in the title race and they have shown they are not going away by impressively getting results  in each of their past four league games when none of those performances have been particularly great

The team will however be put to test in the UEFA champions League on Wednesday against the high flying German side Borussia Dortmund in the first leg of the knockout stage.

Tottenham Hotspur will be without the England point men; Harry Kane and Dele Ali. A duo that have played integral roles in the present position of the team in the Premier League so far top the list of some others that would be sidelined.


Its however not insane to say the chances of getting through to the quarterfinal of the UCL is slim considering not only the injuries but also how Pochettino’s side side struggled in qualifying from group stage and the current form of the German Bundesliga table toppers.

Meanwhile, whatever the outcome is, it could be seen as blessing in disguise for the London side. Because dropping early from the Champions League ‘may’ give the opportunity to concentrate and get ahead of the Premier League table toppers since there are just few points separating them should Liverpool and Manchester City progresses.


24 Hours Across Africa

Cameroon crisis: Ambazonia separatists get life sentences



A leader of Cameroon’s separatist movement, Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, and nine of his followers have been given life sentences by a military court in the capital, Yaoundé.

They were convicted of rebellion, among other charges.

Their lawyers accused the judge of bias and withdrew from the proceedings.

The English-speaking separatists argue they are marginalised by the bureaucracy and school system in the majority French-speaking country.

The defendants had been arrested in Nigeria in January 2018 and deported back to Cameroon.

The court session on the verdicts, which started on Monday, went on until 05:30 (04:30 GMT) local time Tuesday morning, reports the BBC’s Leocadio Bongben.

By that time the defence lawyers had already withdrawn from the proceedings but continued to stay in the court as spectators.

Defence barrister Joseph Fru said there were irregularities in the proceedings, including the judge’s biases, but the military court rejected his evidence.

The long list of charges included rebellion, complicity in terrorism, financing terrorism, revolution, insurrection, hostility against the state, propagation of fake news and lack of identification.

The court also ordered the 10 to pay a fine of 250bn CFA francs ($422m; £359m) to the government for civil damages and 12bn CFA francs for court costs.

What’s happening in Cameroon?

Among the 10 who were convicted was Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, the leader of the so-called Governing Council of Ambazonia – the name separatists have given to Cameroon’s Anglophone North-West and South-West regions.

Cameroon’s English-speakers say they have been marginalised for decades by the central government and the French-speaking majority.

The current crisis started in 2016 when lawyers and teachers went on strike over the use of French in courts and schools.

In October 2017, activists declared autonomy over the two English-speaking regions – a move rejected by Cameroon’s President Paul Biya.

Some took up arms in 2017 and the crisis has forced more than 500,000 people from their homes.

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24 Hours Across Africa

Saudi Arabia implements end to travel restrictions for Saudi women: agency



Reuters – Saudi Arabia has begun implementing previously announced changes that allow adult women to travel without permission and to exercise more control over family matters, state news agency SPA reported on Tuesday.

“The passports and civil status departments and their branches in all regions of the kingdom have started to implement the amendments stipulated in the royal decree,” the report said, citing an interior ministry source.

Reporting by Stephen Kalin; Editing by Gareth Jones

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