Did we All Miss the HIV Cure Story?

While we all scamper for the heavy punch news bites, might we have missed out on one big story here? Let’s back-track a little.

A source confirmed that a patient with Human immunodeficiency Virus has been cured after a successful stem cell transplant.

Doctors disclosed the report to news agencies stating that there is no evidence of disease in the patient. meanwhile the patient, who was being treated for cancer, has now been in remission from HIV for 18 months and is no longer taking HIV drugs.

Researchers has reacted to the update stating, it is too early to credit him cured of HIV, But hope the approach will help find a cure.

He had chemotherapy to treat the Hodgkin’s cancer and, in addition, stem cells were implanted into the patient from a donor resistant to HIV, leading to both his cancer and HIV going into remission.