U.S born nigerian rated the world’s fittest

Obi Obadike is a Nigerian-American fitness trainee, a successful athlete, writer and TV host who is an all-round success.

The Nigerian-American has numerous feats in all the things that he is known for and has his photos on the cover of over 50 fitness magazines

Obi’s influences also reach far and wide in the media and has been recognised as such for his immense contribution in his field Obi Obadike is a Nigerian-American fitness trainee, TV host, and a resourceful writer who has written tens of articles for different websites and fitness magazines.

Added to those amazing things he does, he is also the author of fast-selling book on diet and exercise titled The Cut, which he co-wrote with Hollywood sensation actor Morris Chestnut.

He has also been guest on various popular TV shows like Wendy Williams, Steve Harvey, Dr Oz, Access Hollywood, just to mention a few.

Nigerians react as comedian Maraji says not even Allah is the way to heaven, only Jesus Obi has been a cover for over 50 local and international fitness magazines, making him one of the most visible and media relevant fitness instructor.

The Nigerian-American has achieved great feats as both a trainer and a media personality.

He has worked on popular reality media programmes as Sweat Inc which debuted in 2015.

Some of the shows he has premiered in have been aired in various countries around the world, making him some of the most popular personalities in his niche.

In 2014, Obi was recognised as one of the top 10 most influential fitness expert of his time along with others like Jilian Michaels, Bob Harper, Sanjay Gupta, among others.

He is also quite a successful athlete and was a top Division 1 sports at Cal State Fullerton, where he held the record in the 100, 200 meters race and 400-meter relay.

The Nigerian-American took the same feat to the university and became the co-athlete of the year at the university as well as the two-time All Big