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You need the best ways to propose to your girlfriend without any blunders at any stage? Here’s what this champ did.

Colton Vaters found some of the creatively best ways to propose to girlfriend. With over 30 different proposals (Image: Colton Vaters).

Proposing to your partner can be a nerve-wracking experience for anyone.

The options are endless. You could keep it sweet and simple and pop the question at home, you could hide the ring in a cake at a fancy restaurant or go all-out and organise a flash mob.

The biggest problem is, much like Eminem, you usually only get one shot.

Dad-of-two Colton Vaters found a way around this by proposing to his girlfriend more than 30 times behind her back.

He was inspired by another man who did the same thing (Image: Colton Vaters)

Colton, from Canada, had the ring but no idea as to how he was going to ask Danielle Campbell to be his wife.

He wanted it to be romantic and funny, but without making the whole thing seem like a joke. He also wanted to capture the big moment on record.

It wasn’t going to be easy.

Some of the trial attempts are very, very brave (Image: Colton Vaters)

Hiding in plain sight (Image: Colton Vaters)

Then he stumbled on the story of Edi Okoro, who took photos of his fiancée and the ring at the same time without her knowing in more and more daring scenarios.

“Game on,” said Colton in a post which quickly went viral on Facebook .

“I started taking the ring with me everywhere I went, and taking as many photos as I could without her noticing.

She’s looking right at it!? (Image: Colton Vaters)

His ideas to hide the ring were very imaginative (Image: Colton Vaters)

“I also left the ring in various spots throughout the house for different periods of time.”

He attached it to her handbag, put it in their mailbox, held the ring up as they walked through a supermarket and even put in her hand as she slept in bed.

Some of the photos are enough to make us nervous but Colton’s plan was simple – if he was ever caught, he would propose there and then.

Colton took more than 30 photos without Danielle knowing (Image: Colton Vaters)

After weeks of flaunting the ring behind her back, Colton did eventually get down on one knee (Image: Colton Vaters).

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Despite the brazen photoshoots, his masterplan went undetected and came to an end with a beautiful formal engagement as he finally got down on one knee in front of his new fiancée.

“It all went to plan and I would highly recommend this to anyone planning on asking the big question in the future,” he added.


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