(Audio) The Lock Down Period and Your relationship by Therapist Temple Obike

Soul Bodega the needle eye by Temple Obike

Fair Use: The lockdown period and your relationship article and recording are from the templeobike.com website.

Is the corona virus lock-down affecting your marriage and relationship? You might be new couples or may have been together for years but holing up together in one spot could present a great opportunity to know your partner better or in the case of many marriages, HELL. One thing I’ve noticed is that tensions and strained conversation between couples has been on the rise.

Over the past three weeks, i have received innumerable calls from worried spouses and partners. They want to know if a sign of irritation signals a “no love” situation in their relationship or marriage. The answer is no. So, just chill.

A recent speculation by divorce lawyers says that the corona virus lock-down will affect marriage and relationships with noticeable increase in divorce rates. This will spike later on in the year due to what i have decided to call self-isolation discoveries. Don’t work yourself up into a corner thinking about something that may never happen but just in case it does happen, i will advice on what you could do about this.

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