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British samurai expert kills himself by committing ‘hara kiri’ and falling on his sword in bedroom.



A British samurai sword expert killed himself with his own weapon in the tradition of ancient Japanese warriors.

Divorcee Alun Jones fell on a samurai sword in his bedroom and bled to death.

The ritual method of sucide was known as “hara kiri” in ancient Japan.

The 51-year-old was found dead in June this year by his mother Margaret lying on top of the blade.

An inquest heard Mr Jones worked in a shop selling samurai swords in Japan and had been staying with his mother on one of his regular holidays back home to Britain.

The inquest heard that Mr Jones was “not his usual self” on his trip back home to Newport, Gwent.

His sister Marianne Caulfield told the inquest: “For many years he had lived abroad and when he came home he would go out visiting friends.

“But this time he had lost weight and spent most of his time in his bedroom.

“He had a collection of samurai swords and had developed an interest in the samurai tradition.”

A few hours before he was found dead he was seen by a neighbour asleep on a settee with an open book of family photos next to him.

Detective Rhys Williams told the inquest that Mr Jones was found on his bedroom floor with the sword protruding from his body.

Mr Jones had sent the blade to a specialist in London and received them back shortly before killing himself.

The inquest heard that Mr Jones died from lacerations to the heart and liver after stabbing himself.

Gwent senior coroner David Bowen said: “He had a collection of samurai swords which he sent to a specialist in London and had been returned days before he was found dead.

He was found with the samurai sword underneath his body and I am satisfied it was self inflicted.

“In Japan the samurai tradition is called hara kiri. In this country it is suicide.”

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Nigerian Customs: Cars importation ban Remains.




The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has maintained that the ban on importation of used and new vehicles into the country through land borders remains. 

The comptroller-general of customs, Colonel Hameed Ali (rtd), said this on Monday, June 24, when he spoke at the official launch of a bilateral trade platform at Seme border.

a letter from our Editor-in-Chief Bayo Olupohunda According to Ali, the Nigeria Customs Service will not open land border for importation of used vehicles.

He, however, said the government was interested in the success of the connectivity platform that would facilitate border trade between Nigeria and Benin.

Ali urged that stakeholders should embrace the platform to enable the two countries to achieve seamless operations and trade facilitation as this would assist genuine traders.

“We are envisaging compliance, and we hope we get compliance; where individual decides not to comply, then the customs will ensure there is no illicit trafficking between the two countries,” 

The NCS boss noted that through the platform, false declaration of goods and some other illegal activities, experienced due to manual operation, would stop.

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Health & Lifestyle

Dozens get vaccine after Ebola outbreak in Uganda



Report says, Ugandan health officials have reacted with the vaccination campaign for people who may have been exposed to Ebola.


The outbreak, one of the worst in history, started in the Democratic Republic of the Congo last year and spread to Uganda earlier this month.

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