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Mother, Son arrainged for killing alleged housebreaker.



A 45-year-old woman and her 17-year-old son have been arraigned for beating an alleged housebreaker to death in Butterworth, Eastern Cape.

Police confirmed they were investigating a murder after a 23-year-old housebreaker, identified as Solomzi Gcanca, was killed on Wednesday, June 19.

SAPS spokesperson, Capt Jackson Manatha said members of the community witnessed the [mother and son] beating the young man”

The man was found dead in the street by community members on Wednesday evening at Ext 14B, Mcubakazi township, Butterworth.

“The community was so angry that they wanted the woman and her son to be evicted from where they live. But we could not do that. Our job was to arrest them,” 

The community was angry about what happened to Gcanca.

“The alleged killers took matters into their own hands by beating the man for breaking into their house. What they were supposed to do was come to the police,” he added.

Both suspects were expected to appear in court on Tuesday

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24 Hours Across Africa

‘Myca’ laid to rest after bloody Incident.




Scores of people calls for justice after witnessing the burial ceremony of late Myca Ulpina,

The authorities has come under criticism over the death of the 3- year old child.

Ulpina was what police called “collateral damage”, an unintended death among some 6,600 people whom police say they have killed in shootouts during President Rodrigo Duterte three-year crackdown.

Filipino activists say tens of thousands are being killed as police terrorize poor communities, using cursory drug “watch lists” to identify suspected users or dealers, and executing many of them under the guise of sting operations.

Police and the government reject that as lies and say those killed were armed and resisted arrest, including the toddler’s father, Renato, whom they said used his daughter as a human shield in a June 29 incident in Rizal province, near Manila.

“I can’t count how many masses I’ve held for victims of the war on drugs, but one thing I’ve discovered is none of them fought back,” priest Noel Gatchailan said at the mass on Tuesday, his eyes welling with tears.

“Sorry Myca, for I wasn’t able to protect you … Sorry that you were born at a time when the poor are targeted and killings are rampant. Sorry if they’re saying you’re collateral damage.”

About 60 people crammed into the space, mostly standing, among them activists, family and friends wearing T-shirts that said “Justice for Myca”, and “stop the attacks against the poor”.

In a yard outside strewn with trash, old clothes and broken furniture, a group of police carrying assault rifles stood guard.

Ulpina’s killing comes as the 47-member United Nations Human Rights Council prepares to vote this week on a resolution that calls for a U.N. investigation into the drugs war, heeding pleas from activists and lawyers for the international community to intervene to stop the bloodshed.

The Philippines has dismissed the resolution as interference and cited Duterte’s approval rating, which hit a record high last month, as evidence of resounding public backing for his anti-drugs campaign.

Foreign governments are being “misled by false news and untruthful narratives”, according to Duterte’s spokesman, while the Dangerous Drugs Board,

The country’s narcotics control body, on Tuesday said facts were being distorted “to present a morbid picture of the anti-drug campaign”.

Accounts of what happened vary. Police said operatives had tried to buy drugs from Ulpina’s father, who pulled a gun on them and killed one of their officers while using the child as shield.

Ulpina’s mother, who has asked not to be identified by name, said police burst into her home without a warrant as her family slept.

Her daughter was killed by a stray bullet and wasn’t used as a shield, she said.


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24 Hours Across Africa

Diezani ‘s $40 million jewellery confisticated



A Nigerian court has ordered the imminent seizure of Dieziani ‘s $40 million worth of jewellery.

The items included hundreds of bangles, rings, earrings, necklaces and watches and all the items were found at a property owned by Alison-Madueke.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) said in a statement that all of Diezani ‘s Jewellery would be seized.

Alison-Madueke, was charged by the EFCC in absentia for money laundering in 2017. Her whereabouts are unknown, and a London-based lawyer who has represented her did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In 2017, a court allowed the government to permanently seize a $37.5 million apartment block she owned in an upscale Lagos neighbourhood.

We guess Diezani ‘s Jewellery will be converted to cash and put back into the coffers of the country.

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