McConnell slows efforts to rename Senate building for McCain

A proposal to rename the Senate’s oldest office building for John McCain has received bipartisan support, but the effort appeared too slow as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced he will form a bipartisan panel to solicit ideas on the best way to honor the late Arizona senator. FOLLOW US ON:  INSTAGRAM, LINKEDIN, YOUTUBE, TWITTER & FACEBOOK McCain “meant so […]

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16 nurses in same hospital pregnant at the same time in Arizona

Sixteen nurses working in the intensive care unit of Banner Desert Medical Centre in Mesa, Arizona have astounded co-workers by all becoming pregnant at the same time. The nurses only discovered how many of them were simultaneously expecting children when they all happened to join a Facebook group chat for pregnant workers at the hospital. According to nurse Ashley Atkins, the […]

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See the Twins who spend over $20,00 on cosmetic surgery to look like their hero Brad Pitt

Last week, a story about a 19 year old girl who had about 50 surgeries just to look like her idol, Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie surfaced on line. The result was horrible, but the girl liked the way she looked. Now we have a story of a set of twins, Matt and Mike Schlepp, from […]

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