Hoang Thi Hong Diem

Woman beheads husband during quarrel, chops up his body and drops them off at multiple locations.

A 32-year-old Vietnamese woman, Hoang Thi Hong Diem has admitted to have snatched a knife from her husband and chopped his head off after being threatened by him during an argument. The victim, 37-year-old Tran Thanh Tu’s head and body parts were found in southern Vietnam on Saturday afternoon, December 16. His head, which was wrapped in […]

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Woman confesses to beheading and dismembering her husband

A woman in southern Vietnam confessed to decapitating and dismembering her husband, state media reported on Tuesday. “Hoang Thi Hong Diem, 32, of Binh Duong province, told police on Monday that she killed her husband, Tran Thanh Tu, during an argument,’’ it reported. After Tu threatened Diem with a knife, she managed to disarm him […]

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