A March 7 protests called by the Sudanese Professional Association, SPA, took place across the country according to reports from an online media group, Sudanese report. Report says that a rally in the capital Khartoum took place amid chanting of anti -government slogans and calls for President Omar Al-Bashir to quit.Read More →


Uganda’s president on Sunday issued several guidelines to the countries’ security agencies, instructing them on how to manage crowds, deal with protesters and conduct arrests. The guidelines follow several incidents of brutal arrests and much publicised reports of torture by opposition politicians at the hands of police and military officers.Read More →


Ethiopian authorities will free over 1,100 young people arrested over violent protests in and around the capital Addis Ababa in September 2018. Police chief Jemal Zeinu confirmed that out of the 1,204 youth were detained according to Amnesty International, arbitrarily 83 of them are to be put before courts on suspicion ofRead More →