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Zimbabwean teen kills mum for borrowing money without repaying




A Zimbabwean teenager, Tinashe Tidziwani, 19, has allegedly murdered his mother after she was unable to repay a 50 cent loan, he had given her earlier.

The body of Tidziwani’s mother was discovered by her sister-in-law two days after she was murdered. She told neighbours about her discovery and that was when she was informed about the attack two days earlier.

It was reported that Tidziwani after realizing what he had done, ran away from home and went to his uncle’s home.

On arrival, he told his uncle that he had injured his mother but did not specify the nature of the injury. He then asked his wife to go and check on her, only for her to discover that she was dead.

Bulawayo Metropolitan Province acting police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident to newsmen.

He said, “I can confirm we received a report of a 19-year-old man from Bulawayo who allegedly assaulted his mother, resulting in her death. He attacked her with fists and kicked her several times until a neighbour came to her rescue.

“We suspect she may have died on the very night and the body showed she bled from the mouth and nose. The deceased’s sister-in-law who had come to visit discovered the body in her bedroom and she informed neighbours who told her about the attack two days earlier,” he said.

Neighbours revealed it was not the first time that Tidziwani had attacked his mother.

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Nigeria: Reps Adopt Bill Banning Use Of Plastic Bags



plastic use ban in nigeria

News coming out of Nigeria says that the house of representatives on Tuesday passed a bill banning plastic bags in the country.

The lawmakers said the bill is to among other things address waste management and protect the environment.

The Plastic bag prohibition bill provides for: “An act to prohibit the use, manufacture and importation of all plastic bags used for commercial and household packaging in order to address harmful impacts to oceans, rivers, lakes, forests, environment as well as human beings and also to relieve pressure on landfills and waste management and for other related matters.”

The bill states that a retailer shall offer a paper bag to the customer at the point of sale.

It describes as an offence: failure to provide customers with paper bags, manufacturing plastic bags for the purpose of selling, and importing plastic bags “whether as a carryout bag or for sale”.

According to the bill, any person found guilty of the offences shall be liable upon conviction to a fine not exceeding N500,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years or to both such fine and imprisonment.

It also prescribes a fine of N5 million to companies guilty of the offences.

Contributing to the motion on the bill, Tahir Monguno from Borno state said plastic bags have had an adverse effect on Nigeria’s environment.

He said: “Nowadays we have a lot of plastic bags in our water bodies and they are adversely affected. So the bill seeks to regulate plastic bags to reduce the adverse effect on our environment.”

Yusuf Lasun, deputy speaker, however expressed concern that the bill does not provide for recycling.

“There should be room for recycling. Because by this bil, you are simply saying that plastic materials should not be seen anywhere, he said, adding: “And this would mean the need for another amendment. Recycling is still part of cleaning environment.”

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Catholics Remember Bombing Victims in Sri Lanka



Source: Reuters

Weeping Sri Lankan Catholics lit candles and prayed in a memorial service outside a bombed church a month after Islamic militants Easter bombings that killed over 250 people.


The April 21 attacks, claimed by militant group Islamic State, targeted three churches and three luxury hotels, shocking the island and shattering a decade of relative peace after the end of a 25-year civil war.

Hundreds of worshipers, including survivors and relatives of the victims, gathered outside St. Anthony’s Shrine, a Catholic church in the capital, Colombo, for the ceremony.

“I did not want to come here,” said Gloria, one of those attending, as she wiped away tears.

“But we came to remember our daddy who left us,” added the 17-year-old, who was accompanied by her mother and 14-year-old sister, Sophia.

Gloria, who declined to give her surname, said she lost consciousness during the attack, and opened her eyes to see her sister crawling towards her and her father bleeding.

The navy is repairing the white-painted church, which is covered in scaffolding, and police with sniffer dogs patrolled the area.

Some Christian schools also re-opened on Tuesday amid tight security. The city’s archbishop had complained about insufficient security around churches, and many parents have kept their children at home for fears of renewed attacks.

Authorities say the threat of more Islamist militant attacks has been contained and that security services have dismantled most of the network linked to the Easter Sunday bombings.

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