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Grab CEO: “We’re targetting another $2 billion funding this year”😶



Southeast Asia’s biggest ride-hailing firm “GRAB” said, just weeks after it announced funding of over $4.5 billion in the largest private financing round in the region ever that it expects to raise another $2 billion from strategic investors this year.

They were expecting to raise a total of $6.5 billion capital this year,”. The funding was going to be a combination of equity plus debt all in a bid to quickly expand their business lines in financial services and food delivery.

Grab is also looking to make at least six investments or acquisitions this year, said Tan, adding that the Singapore-headquartered company had no need for a stock market listing.

Grab’s massive financing round started shortly after it bought Uber’s Southeast Asian operations in March 2018 and, in return, Uber acquired a 27.5 percent stake in Grab’s business.

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Plastic Bag Ban,”Ensure Smooth Transitioning for Small Businesses”



temple obike speaks on bill against nylon bags

The house of representatives on Tuesday passed a bill banning plastic bags in the country. We appreciate a cleaner environment, freer water-ways and animals without plastic bags in their ducts. However, plastic bags have always been a ubiquitous feature of Nigerian life. I thought a level of public consultation was required for passing such laws to ensure a smooth transition through the ban to implementation of this bill. Banning plastic bags is a big win, but it’s just the beginning as it involves a lot and if not properly handled, could mis-fire. Ask Kenya and South Africa, two countries who i know are attemtping to solve this riddle. More investments will have to go into waste management if Nigeria is to be guaranteed a healthier environment.

On the downside, we should expect knock-on effects on businesses, consumers and even jobs. How many would loose their jobs? What are the overheads for an average struggling satchet water company moving from the use of plastic bags to plastic bottles(which may be banned next)? This entire “ex post facto law” approach without prior plans needs to be looked into. One day you have a decent job , the next you and your entire firm have become fugitives who operate outside of the law. When the case gets extreme, you loose your job. Crime is on the increase, Youth joblessness is at an all-time alarming high and yet these laws keep coming?

Amazing ideas come, the government like a reckless lover turns us all on and then at the point of conclusion leaves everyone hanging.

To entrepreneurs and business elites, an opportunity beckons but i daresay that we need to remove ourselves from a perspective for once and get a spherical view of this situations that keep coming and what it’s ramifications hold for our country. People with access to the corridors of power need to start speaking about certain things because one day, this fat chicken that the government and certain factions have been feeding will come home to roost & that day might just be easter.

Nigeria we hail thee! goodness grief! #plasticbags #reusable

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24 Hours Across Africa

Kenya: Popular author and gay activist dies.



Kenyans prolific writer Binyavanga Wainaina, who was born in Nakuru in Rift Valley Province has died after a short illness in Kenya.


He is popularly known for his debut book, a memoir entitled One Day I Will Write About This Place, was published in 2011.

Image result for binyavanga wainaina

In January 2014, in response to a wave of anti-gay laws passed in Africa, Wainaina publicly announced that he was gay, first writing a short story that he described as a “lost chapter” of his 2011 memoir entitled “I am a Homosexual, Mum”, and then tweeting: “I am, for anybody confused or in doubt, a homosexual. Gay, and quite happy.

Prize-winning Kenyan writer Binyavanga Wainaina has died in Nairobi after a short illness at the age of 48.

Wainaina was also named among Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in 2014 for his gay rights activism.

He “demystified and humanized homosexuality” author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie wrote at the time.

Wainaina was one of the first high-profile Kenyans to openly declare he was gay and “he felt an obligation to chip away at the shame” that people felt about being gay, Adichie added.

Wainaina challenged Kenyans to rethink their negative stereotypes about homosexuality, Nyabola added.

“Inasmuch as homosexuality is illegal in Kenya, there are people who are very comfortable with their identity… but the public space for acceptance and respect has always been lacking and even characterised by violence,” Nyabola said.

“What he said is ‘look I’m here and I’m still the same person that you know and love and respect ‘… I think it’s incredibly powerful,” she added.

Homosexual relations are currently illegal in Kenya but the Supreme Court is due to rule on Friday whether to overturn the law banning them.

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