20 Continental Dishes to Know This Holiday Season

list of continental dishes

When it comes to the world of gastronomy, the continental dishes stands out for its diverse and flavorful offerings. From the aromatic herbs of Italy to the rich, buttery delights of France, and the hearty comfort food of the United States, there’s something for every palate. In this article, we will take you on a delightful culinary journey, exploring a curated list of popular continental dishes that have captured hearts and taste buds across the globe.


Corn & Cauliflower Soup

A gorgeous, thick and creamy soup native to the corn producing countries this will definitely make you winter delicious, comfortable and warm. Anything can go with corn obviously, but Cauliflower, well isn’€™t it one of the most delicious combination anyone can think of? Plus Corn and Cauliflower are both healthy and tasty. What more can someone ask for? A healthy tasty comforting way to start the day I must conclude.



Chicken & Cheese Salad

It’s as tasty as it can get; a sparkling salad with tender chicken breasts and cheese tossed and mixed in salt, pepper and a generous amount of mayonnaise. You got it right! it is Cicken Cheese and Mayonnaise! I know it’s hard to control one’€™s taste buds from tasting this, I can assure you it tastes as good as it sounds. You have got lots of protein and energy in this one ;a perfect mid meal to fill your tummy and satisfy your taste buds .Get a hold of it, finish it all.


Paneer Steak

Let us give an Indian touch to Europe. What’s more Indian than Paneer? I can’t come up with anything! So here is pan fried cottage cheese (paneer) patties baked with cheese and tomatoes.



Eggy Bread Blt

Have problem deciding breakfast or snacks? Well when it’s teatime you must admire British. Here’s an authentic British teatime dish for you. BLT is a popular British tea time sandwich which stands for bacon, lettuce and tomatoes.



Batter Fish

Fish and chips? That’€™s yummy again. British and a common take away food. Easy on time and easy on stomach. All you need for this fish batter is flour, salt, baking powder, milk, and water. Your result will be thinly-coated, crispy, and delicious recipe.

continental dish


Grilled Chicken Breasts With Chilies & Lemongrass

Grilled Chicken rustled up with lemongrass and chillies with some red wine sauce to top the dish makes it absolutely stunning.

Ezoiccontinental dish


Cheese Fondue

Fondue is basically a Swiss dish made with molten cheese. For the entire cheese lover, Emmenthaler and Gruyere cheese melted and drizzled with some white wine. Dip blanched vegetables like broccoli and baby corn in this hot mixture and enjoys the cheesiness in every bite.


Broccoli Bake

Who likes Broccoli ? One in a hundred may be. Rest assure this dish going to change your perspective on Broccoli; it’€™s yummy and healthy. The recipe goes as follow. A cheesy sauce poured over blanched Broccoli and it is then baked to perfection. This Broccoli bake recipe is tasty and creamy.


Macaroni Cheese

Macaroni and Cheese, both are great comfort food. Macaroni mingled in a milky cheesy sauce, makes for a complete and satisfying meal. The cheese adds flavour and cream to the dish.


Baked Mushrooms & Spinach

Mushrooms and spinach are initially sauted together in butter. A creamy white sauce is poured over it, topped with tomato slices and grated cheese. Baked in the oven till golden. Best served with a toasted baguette. Creamy and flavoursome, this baked dish is a perfect option for brunch.


Buttered Potatoes

Mashed potatoes simmered in milk, butter and nutmeg. Served with a homemade whole grain mustard for better taste and health too.


Chilly Garlic Wings

The Chicken Wings are richly coated with marinated garlic and chilly. This marinated chicken is then baked and served.


Cream Potato Salad

It is nothing but a rich potato salad with loads of mayonnaise and with a little addition of cream. The prepared stuff is then served on a bed of lettuce leaves with a hint of lemon for proper garnishing.


Sunday Chicken Roast

The basic roasted chicken which is enchanting, succulent and downright delicious.



Chickpea Soup

Warm and comfortable chickpea soup enhanced with leeks, celery, zucchini, squash, bell peppers and white wine flavours for even better taste.


Corn & Raw Mango Salad

Corn and mango sounds summer right? What? Yes it is. You got to try this one though. Wait for summers. One of the best for Indian summer, Corn tossed with spring onions, bell peppers, raw mango, with a hit of avocado, celery, cherry tomatoes and herbs make a crunchy and refreshing salad.


Honey & Whole Grain Mustard Chicken

Chicken marinated in honey and homemade mustard paste, baked till tender.


Barbequed Chicken

Well Barbeque is mostly associated with summers but here picnic means winter. What is better than a barbeque in picnic? Marinate the chicken in the distinct flavours of vinegar, honey and added ketchup and then barbecue to succulent perfection.



French Fries

These define Snacks! French fries make snacking, a much better experience. Thinly sliced potatoes are deep-fried till they’re crisp on all sides and then sprinkled with salt, pepper or really any seasoning of your choice. Enjoy them with burgers, pizzas or as is.


Egg Or Eggless Pancakes

Whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian; you have to have interest regarding pancakes. Delicious and healthy and serves for a perfect meal. Serve these basic pancakes with a sweet or a savoury filling/sauce.

Well the humongous area continental dish ‘ing covers is hard to cover in a list. Yet trying always pays for, having made a list of well accepted popular dishes we present to u a journey which is bound to make your mouth water.

In conclusion, continental dish verse presents a world of flavors and traditions waiting to be explored. These dishes are just a glimpse of the culinary treasures you can discover across the globe. So, whether you’re craving the comforting embrace of a shepherd’s pie or the spicy kick of Mexican tacos, there’s a continental dish to satisfy every craving and culinary curiosity.

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