What to Expect in Content Marketing in 2015

The past year (2014) had brought with it certain trends to the content space. A targeting system that takes the stage in which the buyer is on the sales cycle into consideration, a rise in video content and more research and tact involvement in creating content. A few points will also be added to this list this year as the digital content marketing space warms up.

Audio is Back

The audio monetization trend has been on the increase as big companies suddenly realized that there is really no reason why this cannot be monetized alongside the video elements of their content offerings. Content sales persons will present their thoughts, marketing messages and ideas using the audio channel since this requires less resources and budgets. This will see the rise of various content generation companies who will end up not putting in too much financial investments.

Content is getting Better

Many companies are re-allocating their budgets to focus more on creating better content instead of more content. This will tighten up the content space against “Lacklustre content”. Content marketing professionals are now telling pointed stories about their customers who are in line with their long- term business plans and strategies. This is achieved by creating the content around their audience with the audience as the primary focal point and not creating content FOR the audience.

Generated Content

Having a company send out content with their name on it is awesome but the great guys who work in companies are fast becoming forces to be reckoned with in the content generation chain. Employees of businesses which run on a B2B model build trust and engage customers a lot more easily than the company channels would ever do.

Employees who tweet, share and create online content on behalf of their employers tend to have a lot of impact within their primary circles thereby becoming effective distribution channels for content.

Telling and Selling Stories

Not quite a while back, social media was where we all came to garner media mileage and share content but this era is over as new social media platforms inspire new means of selling content using stories as a medium. Telling stories that have your employees as the stars, demonstrates key benefits of your product or simply showcases one of your customers via social media are good ways to start up on this point.

These are upcoming trends that would definitely put eyeballs on content this year and beyond.

by Temple Obike

Linkedin: Digital Content Africa Group

Twitter: @swampsage

Facebook: De Swamp Formula