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Just one of those days. I feel like taking a back-seat and allow the world rush past me. “I’ll catch up later” i say to everything beckoning to me. Unfortunately, we most times than not NEVER catch up. There’s just too much at stake. Grab a hold of your day, get up, walk up and keep up. #swampmerchant #getup #walkup #keepgoing #brandenvoy #anttentionmedia #anttentionradio #anttentiontv #success #picoftheday #quoteoftheday #motivation #templeobike #todaysthought #fansaliveafrica #keepwalking #god


Thank You for 70k Subs!! 25k USD Appreciation Airtime Giveaway.



That's how we feel right now.

We want to say thank you to all our YouTubeasubscribers for helping us hit the 70K Milestone!!! This means a whole lot to us!!

To show our appreciation, the next new 8,000 subscribers will win airtime rewards.

That's how we feel right now.

That’s how we feel right now.

After subscribing, introduce yourself with a screenshot of your youtube subscription attached in the comment section as proof and we will contact you.


a) Subscribe to the Channel “VeeTee Tube” and turn on the 🔔 bell notification to receive alerts on new content. Click on the link

b) On Facebook, tag, like and share this post or the video to a minimum of 15 friends on your timeline with the hashtag #Veeteetube

c) On Facebook, write your name + #veeteetube on the comment section e.g #veeteetube Micheal Adams has Subscribed.

70k Subs


*Winners outside of South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria will be rewarded differently using free post promotions and business advertising shoutouts.
 T&C’s Apply

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Dear Readers,

You can now join us on our Youtube channel!

We want to use this opportunity to thank you for your continued blog visits and social media support by way of followership, comments and post shares. We appreciate this and constantly search for new ways to engage and build on what we already have whilst staying open to new suggestions from yours truly.

We are looking forward to the next stage of this journey for our distribution company, blog and mobile TV. Please share this post with your network to enable us reach a lot more people. Always feel free to send in your posts in need of promotion to us.

As an African start-up dedicated to putting out news the proper way, we have had our fair share of hassles but we have stuck to our guns and watched Anttention Media grow over the past 2 years as we look forward to the coming years. Exactly two years and a week ago, we were told that building a media company with a blog, mobile tv and content distribution network would cost us USD 120,000 (which we didn’t have) but time passed and we are glad to be here today. We are thankful to God who continuously gave us the grace and mental muscle to stick to our passion. We are ready for;

A) Media Partnerships

B) Content Partnerships

C) Investors

Wherever you are and whoever you are, please understand that money is never the problem when it comes to taking an idea from concept to a business. The problem is believing in that idea so much that you take whatever comes your way.

Join our Youtube channel today.

Post by Anttention Media’s Chief Ideator

OBIKE Temple

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