Kayak killer’ who let boyfriend drown to be out of prison in time for Christmas.

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A woman who admitted sinking her fiance’s kayak to drown him will be out of prison in time for Christmas, officials said.

Angelika Graswald, 37, pleaded guilty to criminally negligent homicide, admitting she pulled the plug on her fiance Vincent Viafore’s kayak in New York City’s Hudson River.

She had earlier told police she had become tired of Viafore’s alledge demands for sex porn and threesomes.

She had been facing murder and manslaughter charges but pleaded guilty to the lesser charge.

Latvian Graswald, who was sentenced to 16 months to 4 years in jail just a month ago, will be released Thursday from the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility in Westchester County, the state Department of Corrections said.

In a statement, the DOCCS said: “She will be residing and supervised by Community Supervision staff in Orange County.”

Graswald admitted to knowing Viafore was drinking, that he was not wearing a life vest, and that the locking clip to his paddle was missing.

She initially told police she and her fiance were kayaking on the Hudson River in April of 2015 when choppy waters caused his kayak to capsize.

She was arrested shortly after the incident after giving inconsistent statements to police.

The missing kayak plug was recovered from the car Graswald was driving, prosecutors said.

Vincent’s mother, Mary Ann Viafore, said: “I miss my son.

“That’s what’s running through my heart.”

Richard Portale, her attorney, said: “She didn’t want to go through it.

“She didn’t want the family to have to go through it.

“There’s no winners at the end of a trial like that.”

Graswald, who is a legal US resident born in Latvia, faced deportation as a result of her conviction.

During an 11-hour police interrogation Graswald bizarrely performed yoga poses and said she wanted to be free after their love become strained when he pressured for “sexual stuff”.

“He wanted threesomes, porn, everything,” she said.

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