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Mum trapped inside vehicle as it erupted into raging FIREBALL after putting fuel in wrong side of car.



A brave builder dragged a lucky mum of two from her burning car parked at a petrol station, moments before the pump ignited.

Julie Nicklin, 54, had mistakenly poured fuel into her ‘Smart’ car’s interior through a detachable cap on the other side of the car – not the one containing its fuel tank.

As the mum-of-two turned the key, the fuel ignited.

The 2005 Fortwo Pulse instantly exploded and trapped Julie inside, while other motorists on the forecourt ran for cover.

Julie was rescued by a brave builder

But she had a lucky escape as she was pulled out of the car by a fellow motorist who raced across the forecourt to get to her.

Builder Brian Turner, 54, was behind Julie on the Asda petrol station forecourt in Lancaster, on Friday at 8.15am when he heard a very loud “bang”.

Hero Brian ran straight over to the car and opened the door to get to the terrified woman – at which point flames jumped out of the car and singed all his arm hair.

With flames “everywhere” around him, Brian reached into the car and “dragged” Julie out – who was parked right up against the fuel pump.

He said: “All you could see inside the car was flames – it felt like it lasted forever but it was literally seconds.

“As soon as I opened the door it went bang again and burned my arms, hands and neck.

“She is only a small lady and had the seat right up against the steering wheel so I had to drag her out.

The car erupted into a fireball after Julie turned he ignition

“I finally got her out and was running and dragging her along with me – then we heard another explosion when were about ten feet away.

“The petrol pump nozzle had ignited.”

Brian managed to get teaching assistant Julie to safety about 60 feet away went to check on a work colleague back on the forecourt.

The pair were then taken to the superstore by staff to be checked over – but miraculously Julie was unharmed.

All her clothes and even her glasses were scorched, however, Brian believes what saved her was the fact that the large puffer-style jacket she was wearing did not get set alight.

He said: “If that jacket had gone up I wouldn’t have been able to get to her.

“It’s funny because people keep saying I’m a hero but I just did it – I didn’t think about it.

“I’m just glad I was able to help her.”

Julie, of Lancaster, who admitted Brian had saved her life, said: “Brian needs to be recognised for what he did.

“Everyone else had run away and I couldn’t get out of the car – he saved my life.

“I couldn’t get out because I had parked so close to the pump.

“The car is completely destroyed and and all my clothes were burned – apart from my jacket which was an expensive one.

“It’s a miracle and I will always be indebted to that man.

“It was the most awful thing that has ever happened – but I’m just so embarrassed.

“There is another cap on the other side of the car which looks just like a petrol cap – something didn’t feel right as was using it.”

Fire crews manage to isolate the fuel supply at the petrol pump while police and ambulance teams were also in attendance as a precaution.

The road into the supermarket was closed and paramedics treated motorists for smoke inhalation.

Brian, a grandfather of six, and a builder for a windows firm, went back to work the same day.

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Drowning man saved by Olympic swimmer



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A drowning man was saved by an Olympic swimmer “Filipo Magnini”.

A drowning man was rescued by an Olympic swimmer after he got into trouble off a beach in Sardinia.

Italian former world champion Filippo Magnini leapt into the water when he heard cries for help, local media reported.

Andrea Benedetto was floating on an inflatable off the shore of Cala Sinzias when he fell into the water on Sunday.

His husband shouted for help, and nearby lifeguards set off towards them.

But Mr Magini was closer and managed to keep Mr Sinzias’s head above the water until the lifeguards arrived.


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24 Hours Across Africa

Nigerian Citizen Dies in Custody Due to Hunger



Source: Reuters – A Nigerian man died in a Japanese immigration detention center this week, an official says, bringing to an end a hunger strike an activist group said was intended to protest against his being held for more than three years.


It was the 15th death since 2006 in a system widely criticized over medical standards, the monitoring of detainees and how guards respond to a medical emergency.

The man, in his 40s, died on Monday in the southern city of Nagasaki after he lost consciousness and was taken to hospital, said a detention center official who declined to be identified.

He did not give a cause of death.

RINK, a group supporting detainees at the center, told Reuters the Nigerian had been on hunger strike to protest his lengthy detention.

Another 27 foreigners are on hunger strike at a detention center in Ushiku, northeast of Tokyo, said a separate group supporting detainees at that facility.

Some of them have gone without food for 47 days, said Kimiko Tanaka, a spokeswoman for the group.

She said a 23-year-old Iranian man who sought asylum more than two years ago has lost weight and is using a wheelchair.

Two other men at Ushiku have been detained for five years, she said.

“The reality of a lengthy detention is nothing but a human rights violation,” Tanaka said.

An official at the national immigration agency confirmed there are hunger strikers at the Ushiku center, but he did not say how many. Authorities are providing medical care and trying to persuade them to eat, he added.

Immigration is a contentious issue in Japan, where ethnic and cultural homogeneity are deeply rooted.

Japan held about 1,500 detainees as of June 2018, according to the latest public data, nearly half of them for more than six months.

Some 604 were asylum seekers whose applications were rejected, while the rest were held for various immigration infractions such as overstaying visas.

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