Fate – Tale of a Victim of Circumstance

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#Sigh… It is an established fact that ‘fate’ is not a respecter of person, place or time. Such was the tale of the woman i call the victim of circumstance.

I have the pictures as a witness, but they are too horrible to be published, this happened this evening in a restaurant, there was a journalist from a reputable TV present with us, so you might probably have more detailed information in the TV News.

My car got faulty so I went to see a mechanic, and whilst he was working, I went to cool off in the pub next to the mechanics workshop waiting for him to finish. I had no idea of such horrible scene.

We were all seated quietly, sipping our drinks. Suddenly, there was this bearded man in a long black dress who entered with a bag at his back and something covered in a black polythene bag with the head a bit out. I suspected it was a gun.

He was walking slowly looking cautiously and suspiciously around. All eyes were focused on him and everybody was so quiet as if we all knew something terrible was gonna happen.

All of the sudden, his bag hit the table of a lady and the drama happened.

The wine bottle that was on the lady’s table fell and was broken into thousand pieces. #sigh!

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