Uganda: 80-year-old Man Mobbed Over Rape.

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80-year-old David Aporu from Kotoluk village in Kidongole Sub County in the eastern district of Bukedea was reportedly stoned to death for defiling a two-year-old girl. 


Aporu was killed on Thursday morning by a mob after accusing him of being a serial defile, and the latest was done while her parents were in the farm.

In an interview with newsmen, the area LCIII chairperson, Mr Samuel Okurut said though Aporu had become a problem to locals for his continuous offences (defilement), but condemned the Mob’s act.

“I don’t support defilement but what happened is bad. They (mob) should have left justice to take its course by taking him to police. What the mob did was bad.” 

Mr Okurut said upon return from the fields, the girl’s parents found her crying and bleeding profusely from her private parts.

“When her mother tried to ask what had happened, the girl just pointed at Aporu before she made an alarm that attracted other people. In the past, police arrested Aporu more than thrice on defilement charges but would release him under unclear circumstances,” he added.

His body was taken to Bukedea Health Centre IV mortuary for postmortem before it’s given to relatives for burial.
Mr Ezra Tugume, DPC Bukedea condemned the act, accusing the community of taking the law into their hands.

“We have launched a manhunt of all those who participated in the mob justice. They will be taken to court to answer murder charges,” he added.

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