6 Reasons Why Everyone Needs Clean Drinking Water

6 Reasons Why Everyone Needs Clean Drinking Water

When it comes to our basic needs, clean drinking water is among the most important. More than 78 million people on Earth lack access to potable water, as well as the services needed to transport it safely and efficiently. Beyond environmental sustainability, keeping our sources clean can keep us thriving for centuries to come.


In a globalized world full of modern technology, access to clean drinking water is becoming a rarity. From the Flint water crisis in America to oil spills, the issue of potable water is a big problem for each and every one of us. Here are x reasons why everyone needs clean drinking water.


  1. Water is Vital to Environmental Sustainability

As we noted before, water is a fundamental element here on Earth. Every living thing needs it, and it is crucial in keeping ecosystems running. Environmental sustainability is impossible without a good source of clean water. Polluted water can poison the animals that depend on it, while dried-up sources can leave a locale desolate.


The search for untainted sources of water is becoming a big issue, especially in urban environments. In countries where big corporations dump their waste in freshwater sources like rivers and lakes, it’s a challenge now to have clean drinking water. With most of the world urbanizing, it’s only about time until we’re left with no clean freshwater sources.


While the Earth comprises more than 71% water on its surface, only 3% is freshwater. Most of it is enclosed in the polar ice caps as well. The freshwater sources we have on land come from the natural water cycle of the world. Clean drinking water is essential “fuel” to keep forests, trees, and animals alive and continue the world’s natural balance.


  1. Drinking Water is Essential For Human Survival

Drinking water is essential for us humans. This clear liquid will help keep you healthy and strong, helping you function throughout your day. While the human body can live without food for three weeks, you can’t survive without drinking water for more than three days.


Water replenishes our body, which is made up of more than 70% water. It helps clean out the toxins in our organs, regulates our body temperature, and helps transport vitamins and minerals from our food. Experts recommend drinking two liters of water a day but that’s not possible without clean drinking water.


Dirty water is among the leading sources of viruses and bacteria throughout human history. As we need better sources of water, its purity is crucial to our survival. Clean drinking water reduces the risk of bacterial infection and waterborne diseases. It’s a fact of life: no water, no life.


  1. Water Consumption Helps Get Rid of Toxins

As we noted, clean drinking water helps you get rid of toxins in your body. In addition, water helps the kidneys filter the waste that comes from the inefficiencies that we have. When you’re dehydrated, your kidney tries to conserve as much water as possible, all to keep your waste disposal running.


Water can help your body recover from several digestive issues as well. These include symptoms like indigestion, diarrhea, and even your body’s overall calorie intake. However, as the body follows a very tedious process, lack of water or dehydration can also lead to several issues and lead to a weaker immune system.


Water is also a necessary component to burn fat. As you finish eating, your body goes through a process that burns off sugars, carbohydrates, proteins, and fat. This process utilizes water in the process, both as a type of fuel and for nutrient transportation. Without water, you’re looking at a weaker toxin removal process, which can lead to weakness.


  1. Proper Hydration Helps Keep Your Skin Healthy

Clean drinking water is not only vital to keeping your insides working like clockwork. Proper hydration will help keep your skin cells healthy and glowing as it helps with the appropriate balance of electrolytes. These electrolytes keep the cells functioning, as well as help them stay supple.


Consistently drinking a good amount of water every day can help keep your skin tight. Water is around 60% of collagen in weight, with collagen being a vital component that keeps your skin’s elasticity. So ample water consumption can help keep your collagen count consistent and even help reduce wrinkles and fine lines over time.


Drinking water also helps keep your body moisturized. Your natural water cycle, which includes sweat, will keep your skin hydrated. Together with external cleaning, hydration can keep you free from skin impurities like pimples and acne.


  1. Clean Water Improves Crop Yield

Beyond our personal needs, clean drinking water is a must for good crop yields. Agricultural lands rely on clean water for irrigation, which helps keep crops in good condition. Clean water is vital to food production and helps feed the billions of humans that need to be fed every day.


Many people believe that crops don’t need clean water, but the truth is the contrary. Clean water reduces plants’ susceptibility to pests, infections, and even oxidative cell damage. In addition, scientific studies show that crops are bigger and more delicious if irrigation comes from potable water.


Clean water helps yield better, healthier crops. But, on the other hand, dirty water makes crops prone to diseases that reduce yields, damage plant cells, and stunt their growth. Clean water for crops means less stress for the plants, which means a better, more bountiful harvest.


  1. Clean Water Is Important For Human Dignity

Humanity depends on clean water, and this goes beyond simply drinking it. We use clean drinking water for our daily activities, from washing our dishes, cleaning our vehicles to the water we use for bathing. Yet, billions of people lack access to clean water, which results not only in malnutrition but also in abject poverty.


Clean water directly ties to our dignity as modern humans. As we came to a point in our civilization where hygiene is a primary source of pride and existence, clean water has a powerful effect on those who can access it. Disease-riddled water can reduce our quality of life, as well as the state of human dignity. Without clean drinking water, modern people feel undignified. They feel their existence as paltry and dramatically affects the human condition.


The Bottom Line

Clean drinking water is a must for all living things on Earth. Without it, no living thing on Earth can survive. If we want to continue living as a species with other organic beings on the planet, we need clean water. Having clean drinking water is not a privilege – it is the birthright of every living thing. 


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