Airtel Kenya Readies for 5G Network Rollout Next Month

Airtel Kenya Readies for 5G Network Rollout Next Month

In the burgeoning race to deliver the fastest and most reliable internet connection, Airtel Kenya is poised to launch its cutting-edge 5G network next month, aiming to challenge Safaricom’s formidable standing in the telecommunications sector. This strategic move marks an important milestone for Airtel Kenya, a subsidiary of Bharti Airtel, one of the world’s leading telecommunications companies.

Chairman Sunil Mittal revealed that Bharti Airtel’s Kenyan unit is in the conclusive phase of testing the 5G network in the country, the launch of which is slated for the next month. This noteworthy announcement follows the telco’s earlier statement this year, which highlighted that the forthcoming service is strategically targeted toward affluent neighborhoods. The focus lies on individuals owning 5G-enabled devices and who possess the economic capability to leverage this premium service.

The advent of 5G networks is revolutionizing the telecommunications landscape with its superior capabilities. Unlike its predecessor, the 4G network, the 5G network offers significantly higher download, streaming, and playback speeds. This enhances the user experience manifold, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted internet services.

This strategic move from Airtel Kenya comes at a time when the demand for high-speed internet services is soaring. Companies are racing against time to roll out their 5G services to capitalize on the burgeoning popularity and demand for ultra-fast internet connectivity.

Safaricom, a key player in the Kenyan telecommunications market, has already made significant strides in the 5G service space. Just last year, Safaricom rolled out its 5G network services in five counties, enabling its customers to access high-speed internet services. The company managed to bring the power of 5G to the residents of Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisii, Kakamega, and Kisumu.

Further expanding its 5G network footprint, Safaricom last week announced the addition of three more counties to its 5G network map. The residents of Turkana, Trans Nzoia, and Narok now have the ability to enjoy the benefits of ultra-fast internet services. With this expansion, Safaricom has successfully established a 5G network presence in 23 counties across the country. This growth is also mirrored in the rising number of active 5G sites. Safaricom has added 150 new active sites, taking the total tally to a remarkable 368 sites nationwide.

As Airtel Kenya gears up to step into the 5G network race, it stands as a testament to the growing competition and advancement in the telecommunications sector in Kenya. The move is a significant stride in their quest to offer customers superior internet services while challenging the dominance of Safaricom in the 5G network arena.

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