Armed Robbers Raid Nakuru Radio Station During Live Broadcast, Unknowingly Streamed on Facebook

Armed Robbers Raid Nakuru Radio Station During Live Broadcast, Unknowingly Streamed on Facebook

In a rather audacious event that unfolded on Friday night, a group of armed thugs staged a meticulously planned yet daring raid on Nakuru Radio Station, a city in Kenya’s Rift Valley. With both audacity and impunity, they commandeered control of the station, demanding it cease its broadcast.

Nakuru Radio Station, Mwinjoyo FM, primarily known for its Christian programming, fell victim to this unfortunate incident during a Mugithi night show, a popular live program. The perpetrators of this crime evidently did not fully comprehend the implications of their actions or the extent of modern technology, as they failed to realize that the station was simultaneously streaming the show live on Facebook, unwittingly exposing their illicit activities to a broader audience.

The criminals, armed with both a firearm and machetes, displayed a ruthlessness that was chillingly captured live on camera. As they stormed the recording studio, the atmosphere quickly morphed from one of jubilant entertainment to a scene of palpable fear and trepidation. The presenters, along with their guests, were forced to yield to the intimidating demands of the robbers. The robbers, in a language filled with menace and command, ordered, “Zima hiyo kitu! Lala chini,” leaving the presenters – a man and a woman – with no choice but to comply as they were ordered to switch off the broadcast and lie flat on the ground.

According to the statement released by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), the brazen criminals, their faces obscured by balaclavas, proceeded to rummage through the pockets of the terrified victims, relieving them of their money and other personal belongings. They were not deterred by the ongoing live broadcast on the popular social media platform, Facebook.

The night’s program had been featuring the gospel musician Robert Kiarie, and the interruption of the Kigocho broadcast sent shockwaves through the audience. The crime perpetrated by the gang of four resulted in the theft of eight mobile phones, over Sh35,000 in cash, and eight pairs of shoes. In their wake, they also left a trail of destruction, damaging five cameras before making their escape. In a show of further audacity, they made their getaway by leaping over the establishment’s perimeter wall, located in the upscale Milimani suburbs of Nakuru.

The local law enforcement agencies have promptly responded to this incident. The DCI released photographs of the robbers and issued a public appeal for any information that could lead to their apprehension. They emphasized their commitment to bringing these miscreants to justice and encouraged anyone who might recognize the thugs, who were dressed entirely in black, to provide information. They reassured potential informants of their anonymity and urged them to reach out via the #FichuakwaDCI hotline at 0800 722 203.

This case of robbery underlines the inherent risks faced by media institutions and the need for improved security measures to protect their staff and assets. As the manhunt for the criminals continues, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the audacity of criminals and the perpetual threat of crime, even in seemingly secure environments.

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