Davido Opens Up About 12-Year Rift with Wizkid

Davido Opens Up About 12-Year Rift with Wizkid

In a recent interview on the Morning Show on Hot 97FM, New York, Nigerian music superstar Davido, whose real name is David Adeleke, revealed that he has been receiving calls from his Afrobeats colleague, Ayodeji Balogun, popularly known as Wizkid, every week since the tragic death of his son Ifeanyi. Davido shared that he and Wizkid had a 12-year rift, and they only recently began talking again.

Davido, who has been making waves in the Afrobeats music scene for over a decade, said that he has noticed a positive change in the industry since he and Wizkid reconnected. He stated that everyone seems to be calming down, especially in light of the tragic situation that happened with his son. He expressed gratitude for Wizkid’s consistent support during this difficult time, saying that he appreciates the weekly calls and the positive impact they have had on him.

For those who are not familiar with the backstory, Davido and Wizkid have been rivals for a long time, with fans of both artists constantly debating who is better. However, the tragic loss of Davido’s son seems to have brought the two musicians together in a way that many fans would not have expected. Despite their long-standing feud, Wizkid has shown Davido nothing but support and compassion in the wake of his son’s passing.

It is heartening to see two of Nigeria’s biggest music stars come together in a time of grief and tragedy. The loss of a child is a devastating experience, and it is reassuring to know that Davido has someone like Wizkid to lean on during this difficult time. Their reconciliation also gives hope that the Nigerian music industry can continue to grow and thrive, even in the face of personal conflicts and disagreements.

In November 2022, Davido and his fiancee, Chioma Rowland, lost their only son, Ifeanyi, shortly after his third birthday. It was reported that the young boy drowned in a pool at his father’s house in Banana Island and was rushed to a hospital in Lekki, where he was pronounced dead. The news of Ifeanyi’s death sent shockwaves through the Nigerian entertainment industry, with many of Davido’s colleagues and fans expressing their condolences and offering their support.

In the midst of this tragedy, it is heartening to see that Davido and Wizkid have put their differences aside and come together in a show of solidarity and compassion. Their reconciliation is a reminder that, no matter how deep our disagreements and conflicts may be, there is always room for empathy and kindness. We can only hope that other celebrities and public figures follow their example and use their platform to promote unity and understanding, especially during difficult times like these.

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